Sarah is one of our Melbourne (and some interstate classes) Classic & Volume trainer here at Locks Lash as well as a total lash BOSS! She is quite literally the girl on fire with her level of getting sh** DONE.

As well as running her own successful lash business (@sarahseyebeauty), she has trained hundreds of girls from beginners doing their first ever sets, through to smashing out their Volume sets! 

We asked her some questions around her career as a trainer and things that can help any lash tech boom their business and become a competent lash artist!


Why do students have to learn Classics before Volume? 
You need to learn the basics first just like anything. The basics include general lash theory, where lashes started and what to use product-wise, preparing the lashes, holding the tweezers and how to stick an extension on and most importantly learning about the glue extensively. Without this, Volume is too steep a learning curve for a newbie.

How much should technicians be charging clients per set when they first start lashing (after they've completed their course)?

When you pass your classic course, I am expecting you to be up to the standard of charging for a full set of lashes. This can range from $80-$120 and maybe more in salons. You can start off by doing introductory specials, however, their price list should show how much their services are so there isn’t any upset when prices go up. 


What's the biggest thing you find students need to put importance on when getting trained? 

Technique and perfection.

It’s easy to slam lashes on, however, the thing to focus on is the 4 golden rules which you get taught in our Classic class. Nail these 4 golden rules and you’ll be a perfect lash artist. 


From training in the industry for so long, what's the biggest habit you see lash technicians do which they shouldn't?

The thing I critique the most in sets, is individually applying each lash extension. This is super important for many reasons. The main reason is to avoid infection and nasties.

Secondly it looks far more aesthetic having each lash singly applied than every one of them stuck together. 


What's your 'go-to' glue? 

Sky glue is one of my favourites. For the quicker lash artist it is awesome. It’s a thinner glue and it’s so easy to work with. Never have had retention issues with the glue and it’s also one of the cheapest. So in all it’s just an awesome glue. 



What's one thing you wish every lash technician knew at the start?

Only advertise with amazing photos! It makes a difference in generating business and clients if your photos are on point. Uploading your first sets aren’t always ideal because usually they aren’t perfect. However nailing the technique of lashing allows for amazing photos of your work thus influencing clients to come to you. 

Locks Lash have a whole blog on how to take great quality photos of your sets that will make the biggest difference in advertisement! 



What's your one business tip for lash technicians?


Let me break it down for you...

OUTFLOW: Means to promote and make yourself known to every woman in Australia.

INFLOW: Means anything that comes IN to you (i.e enquiries, bookings, people following your insta, referrals, emails, basically anything you receive). 

So this principle means, based from your advertising and getting yourself known will inevitably get you clients. It’s almost a LAW as in science. You will ALWAYS get clients but ONLY if you out flow and promote like crazy.

So basically what you put out is what you receive back. 

Do letter box drops, Facebook, Instagram, door knocking whatever it takes make yourself known! 

Again, Locks Lash have plentyyyy of blogs on ideas of different ways you can promote and grow your business! 







To train with our Sarah in either Classic or Volume, check out our next Melbourne classes HERE and become an incredible Locks Lash Technician TODAY!


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