If you haven't already read and watched our many blogs/lives/stories on the importance of social media advertising, then read no further. Might as well live in a cage with decaf coffee, no air conditioner watching VHS for the rest of your life. Times have changed people!

Google any successful business and you will instantly find a FB & Insta page as well as  a website or additional platforms suitable to industry. 

As times change, so does advertising. And whilst we curse those damn YouTube ads that seem to pop up every damn second during a really hilarious video that you want to show your friends, it works. 

In particular, Facebook boosted posts work. And if they are not working for you, then you are doing something wrong. Soz. 

Here are a few things you can do to improve your boosted posts: 


1. Surveying Your Boosted Posts


Never assume you already know what communicates to someone (a post is a communication). You have to find out what communication they are willing and wanting to receive. You do this by trialling adverts and monitoring their responses. 

Step 1:

Once you have decided on the product or service that you want to promote, then decide on 3 different photos to accompany this post. With your photos, make sure that they are high quality, not too ‘busy’ and show precisely what you wish to communicate. 

Step 2:

With exactly the same text, header, script, audience, gender, location, budget etc, run 3 adverts at the same time each with different photographs. 

Step 3:

Run these 3 adverts for 1-3 days and monitor which one gets the most response and interaction. You can monitor them in the ‘Insights’ Tab. The one with the most, is the photo that you should be using in your adverts. 

Step 4:

Next you have to test the header & script. Formulate 3 different headers and do the same above. After 1-3 days you will know which header and script works the best. 

Step 5:

Combine the winning photo and script and that is the advert that you should be boosting. 


2. Choosing Page Likes or Promote Your Page


It recommended to choose Promote Your Page rather than Page Likes. 

You will find you will get more brand exposure from Promote Your Page. 


3. Choosing Your Demographic & Locations


If you are based in Geelong and offer services only in that area then there is no point in boosting a post which goes throughout all of Melbourne. So be very specific to your locations. It may even help to get Google Maps out and choose specific suburbs in your locations. 

You don’t just want to reach anyone, you want to reach the right people...


A great way to really find your interests is to survey your already exisiting clients that come into your salon. 

Who do you sell too? Are they usually between 20-30 years old or 40-50 years old? Are they new mums, are they retired, are they students..but watch out for the Regina George's...too much drama. Do they shop online, interested in travel etc. 

This is easily done by adding a few questions on your Consultation Form. 

You have to think a little out of the box when selecting interests. Yes put ‘eyelash extensions’, ‘beauty services’ etc in it, but also think ‘maybe a lot of my clients are going on holiday so they would be looking at holiday destinations & would want to get their lashes done before they go’ - thus you would add ‘travel’ or ‘Bali’ or ‘holidays’ in your interests. 

Get creative and start thinking about interests that they would have outside of just being your client. 

4. Content of Your Advert 


This can be one of the most complicated parts - what do I write about!?

So lets for now just take the simple route on this.

Having some sort of offer or discount special is best. 

“30% off for a beautiful quality set of lashes” 

“Normally $110 but this month only $89” 

That type of thing. 

But survey it (as above). See what gets the best results and then go with that. 




5. Duration & Budget


The budget you choose for your advert really is entirely up to you and how much you are willing to spend. However think about it like this … if you are charging $100 for a set of lashes, and your costs to deliver that are say $40, then you have a $60 profit margin in that. If it costs you $5-$10 to get one client who will not only get a full set, but also continue to come back to you for months to come…then to get that client it is worth $10 to you right! It may even be worth $20 or $30 to you to get that client.

So keep that in mind - how much you can potentially profit from each client. 

When I had my salons, I would offer that anyone who referred a customer would receive 50% off their next service. Yes 50%! 

But offering this much not only got clients excited to talk about us to their friends, but I figured that because we were so awesome and delivered such amazing services, I would win each new client over and make them loyal to us, which would bring in income for months to come. So giving away a 50% discount was very much worth it to the salons. 

So think like that. Think in futures. 

It is recommended that you have a long duration and stay away from anything under a week. It does take time for adverts to impinge on people. They may have to see it 2-4 times before they act on the advert. 

Hence it is recommended to do adverts for at least 4-8 weeks at a time. 

But only boost the post that works after you have done all of the above!


Happy and prosperous boosting beautiful ladies xXx