Lash Lift Troubleshooting

Lash lifts, the new trend on the block, a great alternative to Eyelash Extensions with retention lasting up to 8 weeks. If you haven’t jumped on the trend train and upskilled to this gorgeous service, this is your sign ✨ Giving natural lashes a lift, a curl, and longer looking without the use of a lash curler (which causes damage) or mascara. This service is a great add on to your already amazing service list but sometimes things do not go quite as planned 🫢

What happens if you overcurl?

If this happens to your client, don’t worry we have some troubleshooting for fixing a lash lift that has been over processed and results in over curling.

First let’s work out why the lashes may have over curled. Below you’ll find the most common reasons as to why they may not be working.

  • Processed for too long
    If you leave the solution on the lashes for too long this can cause the lashes to over curl. This is why it is important to understand the hairs and processing times of your lash lifting solutions. The recommended processing time will vary depending on the type of lashes you are working with and the condition of your client’s lashes.
  • Using the wrong size shield
    Using the incorrect shield (usually too small), will cause the lashes to over curl into the eyelids. Understanding that the misconception of a smaller shield gives you a better curl cannot be further than the truth. You want to be using the right size shields for your clients lashes. Locks Lash stocks sizes from XS - XL catering for all lengths of lashes.
  • Placement of your shields
    Yes, where and how you place your shields on the eyelid is extremely important. You want to ensure that the shield is sitting nice and snug to the lash line and laying flat on the eyelid. If your client has hooded eyes or excess amount of skin on the eyelids, use a bit of tape to lift the skin and lay down the shields.
  • Not cleansing or removing all of Step 1 and Step 2
    If you do not fully remove the lifting solutions, this will continue to process the lashes further, over processing and causing the over curling and/or damage. After removing all the solutions you can go in with your cleansing foam to give the lashes a bath to ensure all of the product is removed.
  • How you applied your solutions
    Placement of the lifting solutions plays a very important part when lifting and if these solutions are placed too high on the natural lashes this will cause the over curling as well as very frizzy lashes. Be sure you are applying it evenly up to the bump in the shield avoiding the tips of the lashes. TOP TIP: you can place some tape over the tips of the lashes to avoid accidentally placing it too high.

How do I relax or reverse over curled lashes?
There are a few steps you can take to fix the lashes if you have over-curled them. If the lashes look too fragile to be able to place the solution on, you will need to wait for your client’s lashes to go through their lash growth cycle and new lashes have come through before performing a lash lift service on them. This can take 4-6 weeks. This may not be the fastest solution however this will ensure the better health of your clients lashes.

Aftercare is also an extremely important step in taking care of the lashes. I recommend BrowGasm, this product is great for both Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination, this incredible product has collagen, peptides and a keratin rebuilder to ensure your lashes not only grow longer and faster but healthier than ever. Apply a small amount onto a spoolie and brush through the brow hairs and lashes. 

Lastly when relaxing the lashes, apply the lifting solution to lashes using a spoolie for around 4-5 mins NO LONGER, brushing them out against the lift. This will break down the bonds and will start to straighten out the lashes. Follow up with your step 2 in the same manner taking a minute off of the processing time than the lifting solution.

Other reasons a lash lift may not be working or giving you undesired results.

  • Too much lash lift glue or balm
    The glue is needed to lift the lashes and secure them to the lash shield, however if you tend to add too much, this causes another barrier that your solution needs to work through. If it is too thick this can result in inconsistencies with your lift. If you think you’ve used too much you can use a Y tool or extended micro stick to remove the excess.
  • How you are storing your solutions
    So we have our Step 1 and Step 2 in both the sachets and pump bottles, because these are chemical based solutions you will need to ensure these are stored out of direct contact with the sun and in a dry cool place. With the sachets once opened, if you do not use the entire sachet you can place them in a zip lock bag and use them within 24hrs. After 24hrs the product will start to oxidise and not work and give you undesired results. Our Pump Bottles are in an airtight pump container where it cannot oxidise once opened and has a shelf life of 6-9 months.
  • Not cleansing properly
    With every lash treatment it is important that you are taking the steps to cleanse and prep your lashes ready for service. Any residue of oils or make-up could affect the results of your lash lift.


  • Remove Step 1 & Step 2 with a dry earbud.
  • If lashes start to fall of the shield, use the cotton from inside a cotton round and place it on the lashes as a compensator to hold them onto the shield
  • You can use cling film to help speed up the process.

Hope this helps 🩷

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