Refer a Friend and get $100!


Here's how it works:

You get someone to purchase one of our training Courses
You fill out the form above, saying who you referred. You must fill out this form before they do their course - If you do forget contact and we can see what we can do.

If they spend under $500 you get $50 store credit, over and you get $100store credit! (Not applicable to mini courses - more details below)
This is applicable for 1 student. 


Call us or email with what you would like to order.


Here's how free stuff works:

Obviously since you're getting $100 worth of free stuff, we're not going to add more discounts on top of that, just doesn't make sense... So the $100 is only valid with full priced items. This means it doesn't work for any other deal or discount code.

We have always had the buy 2 get 1 free for lash trays since Locks Lash started. The $100 won't work for that deal. We have different prices for some things if you buy a bunch of them. The $100 off won't work for that.

The $100 works for every item or course in our store, we're just not going to apply other discounts on top of already free stuff.

Shipping costs will have to be covered by you as well. 

Let's have a look at a practical example. You buy 2 trays of lashes, a glue and some glue stoppers. That comes to $97.85.

You can add stuff on top of that order of course. Any discount codes or promotions that we run, will work on everything on top of the $100.

Also you can't exchange your $100 for cash in any form. 

*Not applicable to mini courses - This includes How to Get Started with Models mini course, Photography for Socials Mini Course, Marketing 101 Course - How to get more customers, Extended Infection Control Course, Business Basics - Business Set Up Course.

Sounds like a lot of rules...sorry about all that. There's been so many questions recently and some confusions on different things. So I thought I would lay it all out in plain English, and not all that legal mumbo-jumbo.

Happy Lashing!


Locks Lash