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This has nothing to do with lashing at all. The fact that you found this is weird actually, since it’s not really on the website. Which means you’re especially cool.


This page is simply my random thoughts about random shit. I’m not a blogger, don’t want to be, but I was thinking: “I’ve got a website, why not put some random shit there?”


I'm just going to randomly put shit here from time to time, so if you're bored you can see the random thoughts of me.



First off, let me talk about J.I.D. This dude is a beast. I listened to his first album about 4 times straight through from beginning to end. I think it was on a flight to Darwin to do some training. It’s a 4-5 hour flight so it was perfect to get a decent album listen. By the end of the 4th time, I still didn’t fully understand his album. Sure, I liked his songs, I understood each track, but the project as a whole? I was left needing to keep listening. In my opinion, that’s true artistry. Each track is so complex. His messages sometimes contradict each other, but he’s always got a message. He’s from Atlanta, so his dirty south roots are showing, but his obvious intelligence shines through as a highlight.


He’s rapping fast, he’s singing, he’s rapping slow, he just does it all. I felt like he’s taking me on a ride somewhere in his mind and his desire for the future. When was the last time a rapper actually made you think beyond “Ooooh that was a dope line!”?


I watched his clip for “Never”. Now this song caught me by surprise. There’s a dramatic beat change halfway through the song, and it’s fucking dope. But the film clip is him running from the police. It’s all black and white. He ends up running home and having dinner, then it’s in colour. But like really warm colours. The imagery was something next level. Like family is beautiful and the cops in America are dicks. That’s another discussion for later.


K, so his next album came out Dicaprio 2. Holy fuck. He took everything that made The Never Story great and doubled it. Starts off strong and ends even stronger. J Cole on “Off Deez”… god damn. Both his albums have been on heavy rotation for months now and it doesn’t get old. Anyway, not sure if you guys are into hip hop, but this isn’t some Migos shit talking about skrrrt, lambo, drip. It’s real lyricism and art that has a steep learning curve…

I'll tell anyone who will listen about this guy, cuz he's going to be sitting next to the greats like Kendrick, Pac, Cole, KRS, Mos Def, Em. I'm waiting to see where he goes next. His next project can't come soon enough.


Childhood memories

So a while back I decided to do something really, really stupid: I watched one of my favourite TV shows from when I was little. Might be one of the most idiotic things I've ever done. For all you younger cats you might not have had the pleasure(?) of watching the smurfs. I'm talking old school Smurfs with Papa, Brainy, Smurfette and Gargamel. Not that new shit they made a movie about. Didn't watch it. I'm talking the original with drama, suspense, life lessons and morals being portrayed in life-like brilliance and funny, often satirical views of modern life. Or so I remembered.


That shit was straight trash.


WTF was I thinking as a kid? It was soooo good! I watched it as an adult and I was cringing the whole time. I was fearful for my sanity. The cheesiest, most trite show ever created. It completely ruined whatever good memories I had from my early life. 


To whoever is actually reading this, a word of advice: Leave the past in the past. Be happy with the memory and don't go back there unless absolutely necessary. Your past joys could be your present misery. And slightly unrelated: your actually cringeworthy moments aren't as bad as you think they were. Most people probably didn't even notice that one time your skirt was tucked into your undies for the 30 seconds it took you to notice. Hell, your crush Carlos was probably thinking about it late at night anyway, so win-win.



So there I am at Christchurch Airport and I’ve just checked my bags. I head outside for a vape and i smell something. Im like wtf is that? Then I see all these trees. They’re dropping flowers like a drug dealer running from the cops. But the smell. So I stopped and smelled them. Like dead in my tracks I just stopped and smelled the flowers. Not like a passing sniff, but I took it in. There’s a lot of nuance in a flower. It’s not just pretty, but there’s a depth to it if you really savour it. And I did. It felt nice.


That got me to thinking about cliches. “Stop and smell the roses” They are cliches for a reason. But I think they’re only cliches if they are used as a cliche. “Actions speak louder than words”, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” etc etc. After I stopped and smelled the flowers it got me thinking about the other ones. By and large these sayings are pretty true. You all know that person that talks a good game but when it comes down to it they rarely follow through. Or that time you were with that one douchebag who did that thing that totally wrecked you for months. Thought you’d never recover from it. Eventually you did though and you never got involved with that type of asshat ever again. Now you’ve got a partner you adore (when he keeps his side of the room clean) and a couple beautiful kids running around. We learn from those bad experiences and if we’re smart, we don’t repeat the same mistakes.


So for me it was to stop and smell the roses, or in my case Magnolias (or whatever they are, I'm not a bloody flower expert). Life gets crazy busy. It’s like always 53 things that need to be done, just so we can get the other 72 things going. At times we need to stop and take stock of why we do what we do. Life is meant to be lived. If you work work work like Rihanna, then why are we working? Sure we take our yearly or every other yearly vacation for a couple of weeks, but is that enough? Why don’t we just stop and openly admire the beauty that is all around us? What about taking 15 minutes at lunch, and instead of checking out all the InstaHoes and getting mad jelly, look around the environment and get interested in the little things. How does your microwave actually work? Ever Wikipedia random shit like that? What about looking around at your lounge and admire the way you put it together. Don’t look at it and see how you can improve it for a change, but look at it as art you’ve already created. Look at the picture your kid drew for you at kindy. And really look at it. Sure when they gave it to you, you looked at it, gave your kid lots of praise and a big kiss, but did you really look at it? Did you see what he/she saw when they made it?


Put on some classical song like Beethoven or Mozart or Aretha Franklin (lol) and really listen to it. There’s texture and emotion and something more than just notes played through and instrument. Can you hear it?


I think taking those 3 minutes to openly admire the beautiful things of the world makes life worth living.






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