Q. What are Eyelash Extensions?

A. Semi permanent synthetic lashes that are connected to a natural lash with a bonding adhesive. They lengthen, thicken & accentuate the natural lash line. Each extension is connected to a single natural lash giving a totally natural look.

Q. What are Locks Lash extensions made of?

A. Our most popular lash extensions are made of a resilient high quality synthetic fibre. If you would like more information about what exactly they are made of please click here https://www.lockslash.com.au/blogs/news/97300481-the-difference-between-silk-mink-loose-lashes

Q. How many lash extensions are applied to each eye?

A. It varies depending on what the client wants. An average application can be from 55-75 lashes per eye. For a really plush set of lashes the sky is the limit, 80-100+ lashes each eye.

Q. How long do the lash extensions last?

A. With the correct application & homecare lashes applied with Locks Lash quality Glues can last up to 4-6 weeks. We do recommend clients come in for touch-ups every 2-4 weeks to keep the lash line maintained.

Q. Why should clients keep the lash line maintained?

A. Clients natural lash cycle is 60-90 days. All lashes are at different cycle stages, some new, some due to fall away from the eyelid naturally. When they do fall away the attached lash extension will go with it. Thus the lash extension will need to be replenished. Another reason is natural lashes will continue to grow, in some cases the lash extension will become too long or twist as the natural lash grows out. The extension should be removed by the Locks Lash technician & replenished.

Q. How much does it cost for Eyelash extensions.

A. It depends on the geographical location of the salon as well as how many lashes are being put onto each eye. Professionals are currently charging $100-$150+ for an average application & more for a thicker application. Product, time, wages, advertising & overheads are all considered differently by each lash technician.

Q. Can mascara be worn with the lash extensions?

A. With Locks Lash extensions you do not need mascara but if it is to be worn only use a lash extension safe mascara. Locks Lash sell them (Max2). Waterproof or oil based mascara will dissolve the extensions bonding adhesive & should not be used. We recommend just go natural.

Q. Can I apply Lash Extensions to myself?

A. Absolutely not! This is dangerous & lash extensions should only ever be applied by a trained Eyelash extension technician.

Q. Can anyone purchase Locks Lash products?

A. Unfortunately not. This product is only available to qualified beauty professionals with sound knowledge of Lash Extension application. Going through checkout each purchase is subject to a release agreement check that professionals need to acknowledge. This strict term keeps all involved safe and assures Locks Lash products are being administered in a professionally controlled environment.

Q. What if I am a Beauty Professional but have had no training on Eyelash extensions?

A. We recommend you enrol on one of the Locks Lash workshops & become a Locks Lash Technician. Then you can offer a safe quality Lash extension service to your clients.