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      The Locks Lash solutions can be used for BOTH Lash Lift & Brow Laminations! Check out our range of Lash Lift kits and Brow Lamination Kits

      Lash Lift FAQ's

      What is a Lash Lift?

      A 'Lash Lift' is the process of essentially perming the lashes into a new shape.

      The lashes are arranged over a small Silicon Shield that sits on the eyelid. This will give the lash it's new shape when the solutions are applied to it.

      The Step 1 solution softens the hair follicle so that it can be shaped into a new shape, the Step 2 solution then fixes it in its new shape, and the Step 3 then nourishes the lash or brow with natual oils and other goodies your lashes and brows will love!

      The effect is the appearance of bigger longer lashes that make the eye area POP! A great alternative to Lash Extensions.

      Where can I get a Lash Lift Sample?

      We actually have a sample pack of our Lash Lift /Brow Lam products! It gives you enough to do a few sets and see how much you love it before you purchase the bigger boxes.

      Click here for the sample pack

      How long do lash lifts last?

      A Lash Lift can last between 4-6weeks but remember everyone is different with different bodies/hormones etc so this can vary person to person.

      Can you do a Lash Lift and Tint together?

      Yes absolutely! This is a super popular combo and a great upsell for customers.

      Where can I buy the best Lash Lift Kit?

      We have formulated the best Lash Lift kit of products in Korea (the world leader in Lash Lift products).

      Our lash lift products can be used for both Lash lifting and Brow Lamination!

      Its gentle and super effective, giving amazing results every time! Thats why the best salons around Australia and New Zealand trust the Locks Lash Lash Lifting solutions.

      What are the Processing Times for Lash Lift?

      The processing times for Locks Lash Lash Lift products are below. The time it takes to process depend on the thickness of the clients hair.

      Processing times:
      Step 1:
      Thin hair - 8-10minutes
      Medium hair - 10-12minutes
      Thick hair - 12-14minutes

      Step 2:

      18 products

      Brow Lamination Course

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      lash lift course with locks lash

      Lash Lift Course

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      Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Sachets

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      Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Solutions Pump Bottles

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      Universal Lash Lift Shields

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      Lash Lift Glue 5ml

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      Lash Lift Shields CLEARANCE

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      lash lift and brow lamination course with locks lash

      Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Course BUNDLE

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      Y Comb for Brow Lamination and Lash Lift 10pk CLEARANCE

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      Browgasm Brow Serum

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      brow and lash tinting course with locks lash

      Lash & Brow Tinting Course (Course ONLY)

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      RefectoCil Bleaching Paste

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      Lash Lift Consultation Forms


      FREE Downloadable Lash Extensions Consultation Forms

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      Complete Brow Master - Build your Custom Brow BUNDLE

      Complete Brow Master - Waxing, Brow Lam & Hybrid Brow Tint

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      Complete Brow Master LIVE TRAINING CLASS

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      Binacil Lash & Brow Tint CLEARANCE

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      Lash Lift Kit or Brow Lamination kit



      Why is Locks Lash's Lash Lift so good?

      After many months of trialling, testing, sampling and tweaking, Locks Lash have released their own brand of Lash Lift products! We are super proud and have been receiving great feedback about the range.

      In this blog we are going to get specific on why our new range is so awesome and the nitty gritty about the products.


      Lash lifting is fairly straightforward and you can get a result with many of the products on the market, however it does make a world of difference when you find an item or product that makes your results more consistent, faster and/or easier. You might get a range of Lash lift products where the solutions work great but the glue isn’t fast drying enough. Or the glue is awesome but the rods don’t give a great lift. When you get all 3 components working well, it’s a Lash lifters dream!

      Lash Lift Rods/Shields

      Rods give a great curl but in doing so can create the illusion the lashes are shorter. In this scenario it’s better to use shields as these lift the lashes more, however they can sometimes lift the lashes up and not give enough of a curl. The Locks Lash Lift rods are like if shields and rods had a baby. They seem to know when the lashes needing curling more than lifting and lifting mores than curling. Here’s an example of the rods at work from one of our Lash Lift technicians. 

      Lash Lift Glue


      Next we have the glue. Good lash lift glue can make or break you as a technician. If the glue is not effective enough you can feel like you are going to spend an eternity getting the lashes to stick down. Some lashes are very cooperative and you could use any glue and they will stick easily. It’s especially when you have those stubborn, thick and resistant lashes that you need to have a really good glue. The locks lash glue is fast drying and user friendly. It also goes on thinly enough that when you need to reapply glue to an area to fix it up, it won’t cause a thick wall of glue which can effect your lash lift result.

      Lash Lift Solutions


      Now to the solutions. We tried countless lash lift solutions on many types of lashes. Some worked great on thinner lashes but not so great on thick, some worked great on thick lashes but were too harsh for weaker and frail lashes. Some smelt like something had died when you opened up the lifting solution. So we realised we need to tweak our own range and get it exactly how we wanted. 

      STEP 1-


      The lifting solution. It is one of the gentler solutions on the market. Will it lift lashes in 5 minutes? - no. Because it is a gentler solution, it is not going to break down the lash as fast as some others on the market and has a processing time of 8-14 minutes depending on what type of lash you are working with. We are yet to see or hear of any over processed lashes from our products. They less chance of frizz for the clients lashes the better we say!

      STEP 2 -


      Setting solution. This helps set the lift in place and neutralise the lifting solution. 

      STEP 3 -


      One of the parts of our range we are most happy about. Step 3 is a mixture of oils that will not break down the lift but instead rehydrates the lashes at the end of the lift and gives them a little reward at the end. Some lash lift ranges have a 2 step procedure, with water being used to clean up at the end. With step 3, you use it at the end to clean the lashes, remove glue from the lashes and give them a hydration boost at the end. 



      Lash lifting is offered in most salons these days and has taken over the market in quite a short time. It is a great treatment to offer along with lash extensions. With a treatment time of under an hour and a cost of $5 for products per lash lift, the Locks Lash range is something we are super proud of!

      Here are some before and afters using the Locks Lash range.    

      If you've been reading this without a clue of what Lash Lift is, well you've come to the right blog. Why? Because this is a sign that you are looking for the right course to come along, sweep you off your feet and certify you in Lash Lifting in the blink of an eye! If only there was an awesome online course you could do within a day that gives you all the knowledge and tools to start servicing lash lifts....😏

      See? It's almost like fate ❤️


      Lash Lift Trouble Shooting

      When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.

      When Lash Lift hands you lemons, there's a little more to it...

      The FIRST thing you should do when anything goes wrong is find the 'why'.

      Why did this occur? What can I do to fix this in the future? Rather than you having to go out and search for those answers, we've got them right here!

       es and leaving the lift solution on for too long. If this occurs have the client apply coconut oil or a lash conditioner to their lashes at night and leave on while they sleep. This will rehydrate the natural lashes.

      1) Lash Lift turned out beautifully, but only lasts 1-2 weeks?

      - Lash lift products (all brands) have a limited shelf life (see packaging on individual brands) and will gradually lose their effect resulting in the curve/lift becoming unstable, making sure you use up your lash lift sachets within 24 hours of opening will help guarantee the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment.

      2. The Lash Lift did not work?

      There are several reasons this can occur, however the main ones are:

      - Underprocessing the lashes. This can occur by not leaving the lifting solution on the lashes long enough. Some lashes are thick and stubborn and need the longer end of the processing time to be effective. The handling for this is to repeat the procedure in a week's time or next time you perform the lash lift, process the lashes a few minutes longer.

      - The other thing that may have occurred is that you used too much glue on the lashes which can cause the solutions applied to not penetrate enough for a result. It is important to try and not use coat after coat of glue on the lashes when straightening them and placing them on the rod. Instead work in sections and don't place glue in a section until you are ready to work in that section.

      3. Eyelashes are crossed after treatment or become crooked?

      - The natural lashes were not combed (with a mascara wand) and not pressed straight and evenly onto the rod or shield. How the lashes are glued onto the rods/shields will determine how they look at the end so ensure the lashes are nicely pulled up, straightened and separated.

      4. The lash lift worked too well, creating too much of a lift/curl

      - This can be fixed by repeating the lash lift, however this time you do not use the rods and lift the lashes, you comb the solution downwards from the top of the lash to the bottom, let it process for 3-5 minutes depending on how much reversal you want. When done, wipe off and then put your setting solution on and let this process for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse the lashes. This will reverse the lash lift to a degree and should fix the problem.

      5. The silicone pads keep on moving & it’s hard to get the lashes to stick to the pad?

      - This could be because the eye area and lashes were not cleaned fully and still have oil residue on them. Give them another clean making sure you are using a primer/makeup remover that is oil free. Locks Lash recommend Locks Primer.

      - The other reason could be because your glue is old & losing it’s stick. Replace your glue.

      6. Eyelashes are crimped or ‘swirly’ after treatment (pigtail curls)?

      - You may have applied the treatment too far away from the lash line which will lift the lashes too late (near the tips). The lift treatment must be applied very close to the lash line so the lashes will be lifted straight away.


      This is caused from over processing the lashes and leaving the lift solution on for too long. If this occurs have the client apply coconut oil or a lash conditioner to their lashes at night and leave on while they sleep. This will rehydrate the natural lashes.


      What is a Brow Lamination?

      You may or may not have heard of a new beauty treatment called ‘Brow Lamination’. As with most new beauty treatments, a cloud of secrecy and speciality surrounds it and creates the idea that only a select few can learn and perform it.

      Locks Lash has a particularly dislike for secrecy in the beauty industry and where theres an opportunity to make a beautician even more awesome and be able to offer even more services and make people even more beautiful, well we jump on it! 

      Originating from Europe this treatment has helped transform brows and give that sculpted and effortless look. Combined with tinting you can create a masterpiece.




      It is a treatment whereby solutions are placed on the brows and help shape and set the brows in place.

      Brow Lamination lasts up to 8 weeks and is basically a brow lift. Where a lash lift restructures the lashes, brow lamination reshapes and holds it in it’s new form.




      It is suitable for clients who already have brows. It can help with brow hair that are going in different directions to each other, wirey hairs, cowlick brows and also brows that need to be lifted up to look fuller and more fluffy. 


      WHAT DO I USE?

      The Locks Lash Lift Kit is also suitable for Brow Lamination. Be sure to check with other brands that their products are safe for brows as some brands have a kit for lashes and a different kit for brows. With the Locks Lash lift kit you can do a both treatments in the same sitting therefore not wasting any product and adding an extra treatment in the 1 treatment time frame. 



      HOW DO I DO IT?

      You take the Locks Lash Brow Lamination course! Signing up is easy and you get a kit! You can start almost straight away too.

      Click here for the Brow Lamination course



      Training in lash lifting is recommended so you understand the theory behind the products used, and how to process the solutions used, how to tint etc… 

      Contact any of our training staff members for further information or see our website about Brow Lamination Courses or Lash Lift Online courses

      ☎️ (03) 9376 4426


      BLOG: MYTH BUSTER! The truth about Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

      #1 - A lash lift only lasts 1-2 weeks

      4-6 weeks is the standard and real answer here. Once you've had a lash lift which has been performed well and professionally, your lift will last 4-6 weeks. Just be sure to use the right aftercare. An aftercare serum, and cleaning your lashes daily will help retention and ensure you lift lasts for as long as 6 weeks!
      Of course if your client isn't looking after them and doing heaps of saunas or really hot showers then it may not last as long.

      #2 - A lash lift will ‘fry’ the lashes

      Locks Lash's formula is very gentle so it is extremely unlikely you will fry them using our products unless you leave it on for waaaay too long. Some lash lift products advertise themselves as 'fast' or 'express' options which basically means it is much more concentrated. We went with a gentle but still very effective option because we figure you and your customers would rather wait an extra minute or 2 for our products to process rather than run the risk of frying them!

      A lash lift is essentially a perm for your lashes. This myth might have come about based on the fact that poor application and failure to prioritise aftercare can lead to brittle lashes, but the process itself is not dangerous or damaging.

      #3 - Lash lifts are only for people who can't get extensions

      Not true. It is simple a matter of personal preference. Someone might just not like the feeling of having extensions on, prefer a more natural look, or want a service that takes 30-45minutes instead of 2-3hours!

      #4 - Lash Lifts are only for older people

      We don't want to give too much attention to this big ol' myth. Just like colouring your hair, tinting your brows, or going to the movies, lash lifts are suitable for any age, young or old (ok maybe not a 2 year old).

      #5 - You can’t have tint with a lash lift

      This is a big myth and totally untrue! In fact, the addition of a lash tint will actually enhance the look of your lashes more! Many salons do this as part of the standard service.

      ADDED FACT: Add Browgasm to tint mixture to have strengthening and keratin treatment with the lift as well. Also when you do a tint and a lift at the same time, it halves the tint wait time. BUY BROWGASM HERE

      #6 Lash lifts don’t work very well

      ANSWER: They work on pretty much everyone.

      The only time it won’t is if there's a medical condition that affects the hormones such as pregnancy.

      If you're interesting in Lash Lift, we have a sample bundle! We are super happy with these products - we think they're the best going 'round! The sample kit comes with enough product to do 2-6 clients. Now there is no excuses for not trying it!

      If you want even MORE, you can start a FREE TRIAL of our Lash Lift online course!



      "Are lash lifts bad for your lashes?"

      Written by Bubblz (your Master Trainer)

      Q: “Are lash lifts bad for your lashes?”

      I have seen this question asked many times asked in Facebook Groups. It’s also asked quite a bit during classes. Yes and No.

      A: Yes and no. 


      Yes! Lash lifts can be bad for your lashes if they are performed incorrectly, over processed or the tech is not fully trained in performing this service. It is a chemical service that is placed onto the natural hairs, when a chemical is applied to natural hair, the hair follicle opens up and absorbs the product into the cortex. The process of a lift is to change the keratin bond in the hairs to redirect and re-shape the hairs into their semi-permanent shape. So if this is over processed or placed too close to the tips of the lashes this can cause frizzy, dry and broken hairs.


      When you think of a lash lift, think of a perm on the hair, and how bad this can go wrong when done incorrectly. Your lashes are more sensitive to these products. This is why you need to use the correct product, timing and have the education in performing this.

      @im_browsandbeauty Brow Lamination & Lash Lift

      "No, lash lifts are not bad for your lashes"

      No, lash lifts are not bad for your lashes. Locks Lash Lash Lift solution is so incredibly gentle, yet effective giving those Instagram worthy lifted lashes. I have used other lash lift brands in the past, and I have found that the product leaves a ‘bleach band’ on the natural lashes when the tint wears off. This is a bad thing! If you were to apply a lift again on those lashes with that band and slightly overlapped the product, this will cause the lashes to break at the band.

      Locks Lash Lash Lift solution does not do this at all; we can barely keep up with the amount of stock that sells; it sells out the moment it comes in! The glue you use to lift the lashes onto the shield is durable, yet thin enough that the product can still work its magic.

      Have you used a lash lift glue that just feels gluggy and hard to separate lashes immediately after they are lifted onto the shield? Our glue allows you to still lift those lashes into place and separate without drying quickly which prevents any unnecessary tugging on your clients eyes. Best part is, a damp cue tip will remove the glue with ease.

      P.S Our Lash Lift solution is a 2 in 1, as you can also use this solution for Brow Laminations. WINNNNN!