DID YOU KNOW?! Approximately 20% of your clients make up to 80% of your business. 

Everyone loses clients, it is just part of business, but it is important that you give it a darn good go at retaining them and getting them back to you, so you can keep growing that 20%. 

Here are 3 simple steps to getting clients back.

1️⃣ Find the clients that are not coming back to you from your data base or just from memory. Send each of those missing clients a hand written card telling them that you miss them and you hope to see them soon.

You could write your handwritten cards when you are watching TV at night. It does not have to be a big task that takes up all your time. You could have mini targets with this which is to write 5 cards every week. 

2️⃣ In each card, offer a value added service to could be anything from a discount voucher, a free lip mask with their next refill, some free gift with service. Get creative.

3️⃣ Ask them to give you a call if they have any challenges with their lashes or other treatments you offer to see if you can help at all. 

Remind them that you stay current with trends and industry advancements & techniques and that you would love to share possible looks with them. Get them to visit your social medial and website to see other happy clients.