Body Contouring Machines | Which one should I use?

In our extensive research to put this course together for you, we tried many different machines. Subsequently we have a graveyard of machines at Locks Lash!

In Australia prices range from $35,000 to $1,000 for a Body Sculpting machine.
We tried ones from every price bracket.

Our main objectives were;
1. To fully understand the complete science behind all parts and treatments of Body Sculpting, then, knowing the science, understand why and if the machine, purely from a scientific viewpoint, would work and what its specification requirements would need to be to work effectively.
For example, for Fat Cavitation to be fully effective and break down the fat cells 80,000 hertz is best. Above 80,000 could potentially damage the body, below 80,000 would not be as effective. 40,000 hertz, for example, only puts a small hole inside of the fat cell, rendering the treatment not as effective. Whereas 80,000 hertz affects the whole cell making the treatment far more effective.
3. To offer an effective, long lasting machine at a price point which would be affordable to our customers.
4. To find a machine that does not compromise on quality.
5. To find a machine able to withstand continuous use without error (some machines we tried failed after about 2 weeks of continuous use)
6. To find a machine that is simple and easy to use
7. To find a machine that is not bulky and could fit on a trolley
8. To be able to obtain a good and trusting relationship with the manufacturer so they could alter and change anything that we required and help us troubleshoot if necessary in the future.

We found the machine that fit these objectives and that is the one that you will receive with our course! 

Now, to get a little personal here... I (Jessica, the co-owner of Locks Lash) at the beginning of diving into the world of Body Sculpting and in my obsessiveness of wanting to get rid of my wobbly bit around my bum and thigh area, would steal the machine each night, take it home and give myself a treatment. At this time, I had absolutely no knowledge of the science or technique of Body Sculpting but assumed it couldn’t be that hard. Watching a couple of reels on Insta and YouTube was enough education type attitude...
Unbeknownst to myself I was actually conducting a vital scientific experiment!

After a couple of weeks of my random motions, using random settings, burning myself with RF (yes it is a real thing! I should have taken photos of my stomach to show you!), returned to the office and announced that it was all a scam and didn’t work so we should stop this project immediately.

Derik, however, interjected and said that it is a scientific inability that it doesn’t work and it would be my technique not the machine. I then went and learnt the science of Body Sculpting and the essential movements of each attachment and continued to steal the machine and additionally implemented the proper aftercare.
And what do you know... it started working! I don't really like photos and also a bit forgetful about these type of things (too distracted by Netflix while doing the treatment), but I've taken some photos to show you guys the results. I'll continue to update, so watch this space!

(Please note: only left thigh received treatment)

I promise I'm not tech savvy enough to have photoshopped these results, the treatment just works when you know what you're doing! Look at my new thigh gap!

So what is the moral to this story?
1. Having the correct machine does play a part
2. The machine plays a part in results but is one of the lesser parts
3. Fully understanding the science of what you are doing and why you are doing it, when it comes to Body Contouring, is of vital importance.
4. Technique is the essential ingredient for consistent effective results.
Science + technique = results

We have done all the work and research and science to ensure the course we are putting out for you is going to teach you everything you need to know and the best technique possible to produce high quality and consistent results. 

You can check out the course here!

Reach out if you have any questions!
Jess x