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Holy Retention is your brand-new course to perfecting all things glue and retention! This course is designed for lash techs who want to massively up their game!

Course component: Usually $450

Kit component: Usually $216

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Why? because we want to help the beauty industry!

Only 200 people per intake! If you manage to get a spot you have the course and it's content for 2 weeks and then it will expire so others can get it.

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Having poor retention doesn’t mean you’re a bad lash tech, it just means there could be something that needs slight adjusting or improving.

Learn how to master the art of extreme retention in this easy to follow step-by-step course.

Originally we were going to do this as a separate course like all of our courses but this information is so important for everyone in the industry to know and we wanted to do something nice for the industry so we are releasing it for free!

We have gotten together with leading industry experts to bring only the correct and true information based off science and also years of experience!

Receive a certificate upon completion which certifies you as a Lash Retention Master.


Locks Lash, International Lash Trainer & International Speaker


Jodi Harrison

CEO - Prolong Lash, International Speaker                                    

Alicia Phoenix

Head of Marketing - Prolong Lash

Lauren Lappin

Business coach & owner of multi-award-winning salon Allure Lash & Beauty Bar                                                                              

Mo Hamil

CEO - Lash Bash, Professional Lash Party Thrower & Fun Haver, International Speaker, Salon Owner, Lash Award Winner

Nikki Rae

Salon Owner, Lash Artist of The Year Award Winner


Course Component usually $450 FREE TODAY $0 - Only 200 per intake

Why? because we want to help the beauty industry!

01. Welcome
02. What is Retention
03. Natural Lash Biology
04. Types of Hair
05. Different Phases of Growth
06. Glue & How it Works
07. The Magic Triangle for Retention
08. Let's get Nerdy
09. Types of Cyanoacrylates
10. What's in your Glue Bottle

11. Shock Polymerisation
12. Why Glue Sticks to Stuff
13. Temperature
14. How Chemicals Affect Glue
15. Glue & Storage
16. Fumes & Allergies
17. Lash Ext Placement & Movement
18. Quality of Products
19. Quality of Lashes
20. Airflow & Humidity

Course Component usually $450 FREE TODAY $0 - Only 200 per intake

Why? because we want to help the beauty industry!

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