The Posse

You speak to us on the phone, we pack your orders, we answer your questions, we train you and are just generally awesome. We figure we'd show you who we are "underneath the lashes".



"The Boss"

Jessica is the brains behind the entire operation (at least that's what we let her think.) Beyond her business wizardry, she's an International Speaker, Humanitarian and Philanthropist. Jessica's main passion beyond making all of you lovely ladies more beautiful, is helping others. She has travelled through India, Myanmar (Burma), The Middle East, South America, New Zealand, all around Australia to help people achieve their goals. 

Whenever there's a hard question we go to her to get sorted out and on track. After knowing her for as long as I have, I've learned to just listen to her, because she's usually right.



"The Dude"
D Fro

Derik is the guy in the lash industry. This is him in high school. It's not a wig, it's totally real. He is the travelling trainer throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US. He's the #2 at Locks Lash and also the techie guy who does all the website stuff, fixing the computers that Jess always seems to break. He kind of fell into the lash industry when we took over Locks Lash in 2013. He's a rapper, a songwriter and a Humanitarian in his own right. Having spent several years doing Life Coaching, he has a passion for people, and genuinely likes helping them in any way he can. Plus he's the most awesomest guy in the whole galaxy. Voted Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006.




"The Marketing LORD!
a.k.a Char"


Charmaine is our Marketing Mama. She's the brain behind all of the awesome campaigns we launch and our faithful leader (of marketing - and Melbourne restaurant recommendations)

She's the Locks Lash pocket Rocket! She has a 13+ year track record in marketing and events and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Her ability to create a strategy, make a plan and get things done like a boss is next level!

This pocket rocket rubs shoulders with the famous! Don't believe us, and need a name drop? She's hung with a few celebs; the most recent, Post Malone, Coolio (Gangstas Paradise), Snoop Dog. Need a connection, just hola at Char, she'll connect you (wink, wink)!  




"Hannah Montana"

Richard Monty Brown. Real name is Malfoy. Goes by the name of Hannah. 

He started his first job at age 13 years old as a nail technician on a Cruise Boat around the french island, The Frioul Archipelago. As he was giving pedicures, he would often sing Jazz Standards. This one time, an older couple heard him singing "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing", and fell in love with his talent. From this couples connections, he was booked on a sold out tour of 100,000 people arenas supporting Italian icon, Jerry Springer, where funnily enough he met Macklemore who gave him some of his merch for free (see t-shirt for evidence).

There were so many adventures Hannah went on that has now brought him to us. Locks Lash. So as you can see, he has a lot of experience. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have WiFi. 






This is the CEO of Locks Lash's kid, Keoni. Apart from having the coolest parents on the planet, he is actually such a rad kid. He's suuuuper independent.. like, he'll grab money out of his mum's wallet and then walk around the office asking if anyone wants sushi because he's gonna walk up the street and get effing sashimi for lunch, and then he's gonna get a haircut at the local barber with whatever is left over. Naturally, he is part of the Locks Lash family, so when he is in the office we get him to help out with the fun stuff. This pic was taken from a recent educational video we did on 'no picking!'.. you're lashes.







Sav is the girly you will be speaking to on the phone when you call in! 

Sav is a vegan and crossfitter... we know this because she tells us everyday...

She can do 100 squats in a row and doesnt like food that has any colour.

She also dreams about her coworkers regularly.




Now onto Moussa, he is one of the people packing your orders everyday. Interestingly he is a competitive boxer! Great Guy all Around!




If you don't know Bubblz by now, I'm afraid you may have been hiding somewhere under the corner of a rock.

Bubblz is our super-pro Beauty Trainer. She helps all of our remote and in person students get certified! Bubblz motto is 'no one gets left behind'! She has taken it on as her duty to make sure that every single person who signs up for a Locks Lash course achieves ALL of their dreams! We couldn't have asked for a more capable and kind person to come into our lives.

Bubblz love language is gift giving.. yes, you heard us right, GIFT GIVING. So you best bet we all be receiving cookies, personalised keyring, keep cups, and chocolates on the regular. It's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it.






Aliya is Locks Lash's resident (and most successful) cheerleader! To be fair she is our only cheerleader here but still! 

She is one of the newest recruits here and is charge of our social media and making reels that 'slay, bestie'. Not sure what that means but that sounds pretty good

She already wears pink on Wednesdays so has naturally fitted into LL easily!