The Posse

You speak to us on the phone, we pack your orders, we answer your questions, we train you and are just generally awesome. We figure we'd show you who we are "underneath the lashes".


Jessica Brown

"The Boss"


Jessica is the brains behind the entire operation (at least that's what we let her think.) Beyond her business wizardry, she's an International Speaker, Humanitarian and Philanthropist. Jessica's main passion beyond making all of you lovely ladies more beautiful, is helping others. She has travelled through India, Myanmar (Burma), The Middle East, South America, New Zealand, all around Australia to help people achieve their goals. 

Whenever there's a hard question we go to her to get sorted out and on track. After knowing her for as long as I have, I've learned to just listen to her, because she's usually right.


Derik Hayes

"The Dude"
D Fro

Derik is the guy in the lash industry. This is him in high school. It's not a wig, it's totally real. He is the travelling trainer throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US. He's the #2 at Locks Lash and also the techie guy who does all the website stuff, fixing the computers that Jess always seems to break. He kind of fell into the lash industry when we took over Locks Lash in 2013. He's a rapper, a songwriter and a Humanitarian in his own right. Having spent several years doing Life Coaching, he has a passion for people, and genuinely likes helping them in any way he can. Plus he's the most awesomest guy in the whole galaxy. Voted Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006.


Alison Ainsworth

"Big Al"

Ali is the manager of Locks Lash. She's the machine and makes sure your Locks Lash experience is the best you've ever had. She's a musician...a really good one. She does the whole guitar thing, singer/songwriter thing and is just generally awesome. I haven't met a person yet that doesn't like her. Check her website out and listen to her sweet, sweet music.


Jessica Fairlie

Aka: "Lil J / Yellow Submarine / Sassy / Jeffrica"

Jess is the office smiler. Her job is to bring happiness and fun into the office. I mean besides being the one who takes your phone calls, answers your questions, does the Instagram account, Facebook posts and is honestly the only person I've ever met who is actually genuinely excited to do a Facebook Live!! I think I've only seen her without a smile once in my life... She's also a musician and is a saucy little thing on stage. If you go to one of her shows, you'll need to bring a spare pair of shoes because you will dance them through. You should check her website out and be amazed.




This is a picture of a cat. It has no relevance to Locks Lash or anything productive. I just felt like putting in a picture of a cat.


Ashleigh Pollard


Pash is our latest addition to the posse. We're an equal opportunity employer and hired her. She's short. I'm like 4 heads taller than her. It's great when you need to reach a low shelf, just get her to get it for you. She's also got this kid that I'm in love with. Her name is Wookie. If you say your prayers every night, God might grant you 30 seconds to be graced by her presence. She's so cute! What Ash does for us is kind of like a reception-type job. Answers the phone, handles emails, considers all of your weird requests...(no Sarah it's just not feasible for us to watch your pet parrots every 3rd Friday, you can stop asking Ash) Anyway, chances are, if you ring us up or email us, you'll speak with Ash. 


Tracy Biggs



Tracy is a leader in the lash industry. She loves to think outside the box and come up with new ways to do things. She's like a wizard without the hat and wand. She does the training in Perth and really cares about each student that she teaches. She originally comes from the UK, but she's been in Oz for long enough to understand footy, and not be shocked by the sight of a mullet. Check out her website if you're in Perth to get dolled up.

Cindy Simes

"Sin City"


Cindy is our Lash Lift trainer. She's far too smart for her own good. She likes to give us ideas that are far too good to be fair. If you have the good fortune to be trained by her, then you must've said your prayers each night correctly. By day she spends most of her time helping the local community and making the world a safer place to live in. By weekend she makes all of you lovely ladies even hotter by lifting lashes. 



Gabrielle Ceberano


Gabby has a whole list of stats in the beauty industry. She's been in the industry for 12 years, got her diploma in 2005, trained in London, travelled the world on cruise ships doing makeup for celebrities and really the list goes on. She knows how to throw parties too. Most importantly though, she's a mother of 2 and makes reeeally cute babies. She spends most of her time doing counselling and generally being a local superhero. Check out her Instagram to see all of her beautiful work.


Valerie Hansen

"The Adult"

Val is truly behind-the-scenes. If she wasn't around, we couldn't get half of our work done. She's responsible for getting everything prepared, from gel pads to bubble wrap. She's the responsible adult around and keeps us grounded, well at least a bit. It's great having her around for Christmas and stuff, because she knows how long hams are supposed to cook for and all that adult stuff. Originally from NZ, she's been around and done everything you can think of. She's a proud grandmother and really likes healthy food and being organised. It's quite strange really, because she puts everything in its correct place.


Caszie Williams


Caszie is our newest trainer in Queensland. She'll be the trainer for Brisbane, Mackay and other places in the near future. She likes sparkly things and is always optimistic. For some reason she has a "Z" in the middle of her name. No one has been able to figure out how it got there.  She's been working as an instructor in other fields for years now so you're in good hands when it comes to learning things. She has a pet pig. You read that right. A. Pet. Pig.


Mehrnoosh Sadri


One of her favourite sayings is "I was a personality before I was a person." So true. She's a handful, maybe 2. I've never seen a person take so many selfies in my life. If there was an Olympic Game for selfies, forget the gold medal, she'd take the platinum one. She really knows her stuff and is one of the best technicians I've ever seen. Meni is our Volume lash trainer in Melbourne. You're in good hands if you're lucky enough to be trained by her.


Victoria Wickham


Tors has weird hobbies. Do you know what underwater hockey is? Yea like 3 people do, and she's one of them. I had to google it, cuz I thought she was joking. Apparently you play hockey - with sticks and everything, but underwater. She's our trainer in Tasmania. She's been in the beauty industry forever, and doing lashes for even longer. (Do the math, it totally checks out) She hasn't gotten around to having babies yet since she's got 2 Weiner (sausage?) dogs. I will give a little disclaimer though when dealing with Posh Spice, make sure she's fed. She gets über hangry...ask her if she's had breakfast in the morning, and bring a biccie for her just in case.

Whai Tuhakaraina (That's not even her full name...)



So because she's a Kiwi, her name is pronounced "Fi" Like Wi-Fi, hence her nickname. She's the one scribbling on your invoices, popping lollies in your order, making sure you've got the right amount of gel pads and making sure you get them on time. It's all about the gym and Netflix with her. Not necessarily in that order. She's still working out a way to convert all of you to Marmite instead of Vegemite and for Aussies to admit that Kiwis invented Pavlova.


Ramnaree Chimvarun


Gae is the one that gets all the behind the scenes stuff done. She packs up all the training kits, sends them off to our trainers, runs around with baskets collecting things. Seriously, she's got an obsession with baskets. I went and bought some for every one to use, nek minute, she's got all the baskets in her office. She's also got this gorgeous daughter, Serenity, who also helps out sometimes. 


Monty is Jess' cousin. Nobody knows why we call him Monty. It's one of those mysteries of the universe, like where all the left socks go when you do the washing. He's in charge of marketing and stuff like that. He's really into photography and dogs. Point out a dog to him and you'll hear the most child-like noises escape him. You should see some of his photos, he's got all these gadgets that hook into his camera, so if you see some fancy looking product shots in the future, he did em. Check out his Insta'm pretty sure he's the only one around that has a degree in business. So he does stuff like contracts and uses words like KPIs and synergy and stuff. I get lost whenever he talks about work, cuz I'm all like "Does this have to do with lashes or video games?" then he sighs loudly and shakes his head. He's useful though so we'll keep him around for a bit longer.


Jaimee Trio

💩(Poo Emoji)

Jaimee doesn't work for us, but she's the creator of the Simply™ Brand.  We like Jaimee, not only because she's a really good lash tech and business person, but because she has a great sense of humour and won't get upset that her nickname is 💩(Poo Emoji).

Sarah Little


Sarah is our training co-ordinator. If you've booked some up coming classes with us, chances are you've had the pleasure of speaking to this go-getter!
Her hobbies include... GYM! Number one Favourite thing ever. This chick doesn't even take a lunch break so she can go to the gym instead... I'm serious.
She also used to be a pro Horse rider, which I think is the most impressive thing ever.
Her Dad is a VET so she loooooves animals, if there are animals around..they have her full attention.
She's fluent in Japanese... yup, you heard me.
And she grew up in Albury, so is a country chick at heart & is always down for a chat. 

Nadeine Cooper


Dee is one our trainers in NSW. You get to see her if you take one of our classes in Sydney, Campbelltown, or elsewhere, if she needs to get on a plane. She's been in the beauty and lash biz for a long time and wanted to branch out into training, so we snagged her up. Then she was all like "I'm super awesome at everything I do, what else do you have?" So we're like, "Why don't you take care of all the students?" So then, boom, that's what she does as well. She'll be checking out your classic lashes, your volume lashes and whatever else you send her, and making sure you're doing super awesome. 


Taylor Snell


Taylor is one of those weirdos that gets all giddy at the thought of a road trip. The type that gets excited when she finds out she might have to drive for more than 2 hours. While we let out a long sigh, she starts organising snacks and topics for "eye-spy".

She sings. Everywhere. But only in private. I've never heard her sing, but assures me that every time anyone leaves a room, she's belting out some Whitney or Jonas Brothers. I made that last part up... no hate on the JBs.

Aaaaannyway, Taylor is one of our lash trainers in Queensland. She's been in the lash industry for quite a while now, and is passionate about it, since she learned they existed. She's really good at it to, and a really lovely person. You'll be in good hands with Lil Tay. 

Rachel Pardo


Rach is our trainer in Darwin. She's a total nerd. Playstation 4 type nerd. As if that's not enough, she plays the nerdy games too. Just ask her about it... Then she's all about the outdoor stuff too, like fishing and quadbike riding and all that adrenaline stuff. But really it's her passion about lashing that made us get her on the team. She's like a super perfectionist, which in the lash world is good. When you're being taught by her, you can know you're being well looked after.

Channing Tatum

"Magic Mike"

Yea he doesn't work for us. Which is probably a good thing, because the girls wouldn't get any work done. So why is he on this list? Have you seen him dance? That's why. I mean look at him...

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