Glue problems? Extension won't stick to the natural lash? Extensions falling out? Poor retention?

If you have any problems at all with retention, then here is a checklist you can run through to figure out what is happening, and we provide you the solution to fix it!

Did you know that the chances of getting a ‘bad batch’ of glue are about 1 in 5,000 at Locks Lash. The more common reasons for poor retention is that it will be one (or more) of the below things BEFORE it is item number 18 below.


Go through this list carefully checking each point before moving onto the next. Here are 18 ways to take control of your glue and show it who's boss!!


  1. How long ago was it that you originally opened your bottle of glue? 

More than 4-6 weeks, it's no good.

Solution: Time to re-stock.


2. Where /how do you store your glue?

Cool, dry, air tight are the key words. Read the directions on the back of your bottle and follow them. 

Solution: If you currently don't store your glue in an air tight container, try a tightly sealed container of rice. This will help to absorb any moisture in the air


3. Do you have AC, heating or a fan on in your environment? 

Direct heat or AC can effect retention dramatically. Move out of the way.

Solution: Turn off the unit, or move the position of your bed.


4. Did you shake it?

Glue should be a nice dark colour. If it isn’t and looks at all watery, then you need to shake.

Solution: Shake for 1-2 minutes. If it is still watery, shake it again!


5. Do you have lots of chemicals in your environment?

Often spaces like hairdressing chemicals and lash glue don’t like each other.

Solution: Either move or get some awesome ventilation happening in your lash room.


6. Is your client on drugs?

Some medications can dramatically effect retention.

Solution: Advise to take a break from extensions until they are no longer on that medication. Alternatively offer a lash lift or tint!


7. Working too fast or too slow?

During a set if you notice extensions are falling off as you brush them, then chances are your glue is drying too much before it gets onto the natural lash. (you need a slower glue)

Or, during a set you notice your extensions are sticking together or clumping together. (you need a faster glue)

Solution: You will either need to get a slower / faster drying glue or change the room humidity.


8. What is your room temp & humidity level at?

There are a billion blogs and a trillion bits of information about humidity and temp of your environment. You may need to change something if it isn’t working for you.

Solution: Read this blog on increasing/decreasing humidity in your environment & see what you can do to create a change.



9. Did you prime using alcohol based primer?

Not everyone needs a primer. Have a read of this blog for full details…

Solution: Read here



10. Did you wash / clean the eye area?

Everyone needs a bit of a clean first!

Solution: Don't be shy! Get stuck into cleansing before each and every set. It helps create better bonding & improved retention!! No tech should omit this point!


11. Did you recently use a debonder or tint?

Solution: If Yes. You may need to wash/cleanse the clients lashes more than usual.


12. Did you change your glue dot every 10-15 min during the set? 

And are you getting your glue from the centre of the dot?

Solution: Frequently change that glue dot, and make sure you are always dipping your extension into the centre of the dot! Watch this video on how to dip your extension into your glue dot:



13. Are you wiping too much glue off?

If you are wiping the glue off the extension before you put it on the natural lash, you may find that you end up using too little glue for the extension to make a bond with the natural lash.

Solution: Take a look at how much glue is on your extension & adjust if not enough.


14. Is the base of every extension bonded to the natural lash?

Solution: Make sure that the bond of each extension is at the base of the natural lash! This will dramatically help with retention.


15. Extensions too long for the natural lash?

If your lashes are too long for the customers natural lash then weight becomes a problem and interferes with retention.

Solution: Make sure to never go +3mm longer than the clients natural lash, if you need to measure we have a tool for that: LASH RULER


16. Is your client a picker or bad at aftercare?

It isn’t always your fault. But it is your responsibility to make sure you educate your clients.

 Solution: Educate your clients, and link them to this blog: IMPORTANCE OF AFTERCARE


17. Are you using crap, cheap products?


 (Yep that certainly makes a difference to retention.)


18. You have received a ‘bad batch’ of glue.

Note how far down on the list this reason is. Trust us, it is typically not this reason. Check all of the above first. 

For even more tips on retention check out this other blog:


A final note: When in doubt, please contact Locks Lash on (03) 9376 4426 or, and we will run through this checklist with you & find the reason why you are having retention problems!


With love,

Locks Lash Team