Alright guys and gals, let's get straight to the gross point...

Remember that the more knowledge you have on things in the lash industry, the more you can prevent problems like this from ever occurring! 


This next picture is of eyelash mites … aren’t they beautiful … ummmm…not really.  

Believe it or not, but most of us have eyelash mites which are an essential part of how our beautiful ecosystem works for they help with the cleaning of the eye area. 

However demodicosis (when you have an over growth of eyelash mites which causes the area to become infected) is not part of the natural process and something you or your clients really don’t want to have.  

Eyelash mites love to feed on bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. So if you are not cleaning your eye area & lashes correctly by removing the dead skin, oils etc then the mites have a lot to feed on and will multiply into an excessive range and the infections will begin. 



Eyelash mites have sex on your face at night while you are sleeping. They don’t like light, so come out at night “to play”. 

Daily cleaning your lashes with the correct products will greatly help to prevent;

  • Dead skin cell build up (which can also lead to other nasty stuff)
  • Bacteria growth
  • Premature shedding of extensions - it makes them last longer!
  • Can help to prevent allergies
  • Eyelash mite overload! Ewwwwwweeeee
  • Not cleaning your lashes will encourage your natural lashes growth to be weaker. 



  1. Many makeup removers and face cleansers have products in them which lash extensions don’t like = falling out prematurely. So it is important when cleaning your lashes that you only use lash extension safe products. These beauties are specially formulated to not only be lash extension safe, but also to remove excessive oils, dead skin and makeup. 
  2. Preferably your lashes should be cleaned every day. It is easy to incorporate this into your daily shower. 
  3. You can use your finger tips or a lash brush with your lash cleanser. 
  4. Also brushing daily with a mascara wand also helps to clean them.