You know it’s time now. 

That 9-5 job that’s been eating away at you?

At the end of every week, you make a deal with yourself that the end of the year, you’ll quit. But you don’t. Because there’s too much effort. It will upset management. You won’t be secure, etc, etc, etc, etc.

So you choose to do nothing about it.

You wake up, do the job, go home, complain about it and then do it all again the next day/week/month/year. 

Sounds like a horrible case of Ground Hog Day! (watch the movie, you'll understand)


It isn't always easy to tell if you're not satisfied in your industry of work duties, as we all have highs and lows. To some extent, you've almost got to trust your instincts - sometimes you just know that your career needs a change.

In other situations, the reality slowly dawns over an extended period of time; that you're going nowhere fast in your career.


Professionals have greater career opportunities than ever before, and greater flexibility to move around and climb the jobs ladder. So if your career stagnates, you may only have yourself to blame as career management in the end is your responsibility…just saying.  

If you've got the skills, talent and experience, all you need to be successful is a little drive and personal ambition. So if you’re there, take the leap! 

If you still have things to learn, take the leap anyway and figure it out as go!

From time to time, it makes sense to evaluate your current job and your career in general. 

Ask yourself, are you happy to tread water for years on end until you retire, or do you want to make the most of your potential? 

If becoming a Lash Technician is something you’ve been interested in doing or even just testing the waters to see if you like it, you’ll never no if you don’t try!! 

In the end, there's nothing to stop you from finding the right career for you…not even Voldemort. 

Learn from the best this new year and start your career being your OWN BOSS!!

In every state throughout Australia and New Zealand, we welcome all inexperienced and experienced students to join the Locks Lash family. 

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