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Here's where you can sign up for the new lash lift online course!

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*please note: this course will be released around the 21st of July!

Professional Kit

Basic Kit

Silicon rods 3 of each size

Lash lift glue

Enough solutions for 20-40 lash lifts


Keratin mascara x2 

20 eye pads, cotton tips, cotton rounds, pack of 100 microsticks, alcohol pads, 

Collagen lip masks

50 mascara wands

Lash cleaner


Tint developer

Tint remover

And more

Silicon rods

Lash lift glue

Enough solutions for 15-20 lash lifts

Keratin mascara

Lash tint colour

Tint developer


Small selection of eye pads, mascara wands, microsticks Etc.

Lash Lift Online - PRO kit

Lash Lift Online - PRO kit

Regular price $450.00 AUD $400.00 AUD

Lash Lift Online Training - BASIC Kit

Lash Lift Online Training - BASIC Kit

Regular price $350.00 AUD $300.00 AUD

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Welcome to Locks Lash Eyelash Extension Supplies & Training

What are Eyelash Extensions: Locks Lash extensions are beautifully crafted eyelash extensions made from the highest quality materials. Our lashes are independently tested to ensure their quality.

One eyelash extension is bonded with a premium eyelash extension adhesive to one of your own natural lashes. This attachment is repeated right across your lash line until you are left with a totally natural enhancement of gorgeous lashes. Locks Lash extensions will add length, dramatic colour & density to your own lash line. These lashes can last from 4-6 weeks. No mascara is needed & when performed by one of our experienced Locks Lash technicians throughout Australia the health of your own lashes will not be damaged.

Lash Extension courses are available for Beauty Professionals and beginners to learn Locks Lash Extension application most months of the year. Training is held in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia & Queensland. We hold Eyelash Extension classes in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Mackay and Townsville. Now you can train up & offer this sought after service on your salon menu. Our premium eyelash extension and lash lift supplies are available to professionals trained in the application of eyelash extensions and lash lifting looking for unsurpassable product quality & competitive price. Book in your training today or browse through our user friendly & informative online store.
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