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Henna Brow Tint Online Course
Henna Brow Tint Online Course
henna brows with locks lash
henna on all skin types
henna on olive skin
henna on darker skin
hanna on fair skin
henna on light skin
henna on different skins
Henna Brow Tint Online Course

Henna Brow Tint Online Course

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Internationally Recognised Certificate*

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Our Henna Brow course is designed to teach you the art of creating stunning henna brows that enhance your client's natural beauty. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced beauty professional, our course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn this popular and highly sought-after beauty treatment.

In this course, you'll learn how to provide Henna as a service to those who prefer natural products. Henna provides a natural and long-lasting alternative to standard tints and hybrid brow tints. The dye is derived from plants and has been used in traditional body art as a hair dye. With locks lash special henna solution, you'll stay ahead of the curve in brow technology. This will keep your clients' brows looking gorgeous.

Check out what you will learn. Your Henna Brows journey starts here.


  • Henna stains the skin for 7-10 days on average.
  • The pigment in henna is strong.
  • Henna is customisable and long-lasting.
  • Despite staining the skin's surface and hair follicles, henna does not interfere with the pigment underneath the skin.
  • This is a natural dye that makes eyebrows look fuller.
  • Henna absorbs much faster and deeper into the hair follicles than a standard tint.

Check out the differences in this chart.

*This course is suitable for experienced lash techs


This course includes a kit with supplies to get you through your course. See 'kit inclusions' tab below for more details


✔️Internationally recognised course certificate.*
✔️100% online learning (in-person training option also available).
✔️24/7 course access - study from wherever, whenever.
✔️Access to your very own beauty trainer.
✔️Lifetime access - stay on top of & be updated of new industry trends.
✔️You'll earn a great income offering a Henna Brow Tattoo Service

*Internationally recognised certificate is based on licensing requirements in your region


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MODULE 1 - Introduction
> What is Henna?

MODULE 2 - Tools & Products Used
> Tools and products used
> Henna products tools list

MODULE 3 - Henna Basics
> Henna FAQs
> Henna application

MODULE 4 - Henna Colours
> Henna colours
> Mixing henna colour

MODULE 5 - Brow Shaping
> Brow Shaping
> Brows and Facial Symmetry

MODULE 6 - Full Henna Procedure
> Full henna procedure
> Full henna application demonstration

MODULE 7 - Henna Tips & Tricks
> Henna tips
> Costings and client tips

MODULE 8 - Hygiene, Safety & More
> Storage aftercare patch testing and reactions
> Sample client waiver form
> Henna procedure checklist

MODULE 9 - Practical Assignments
> Take your learning and apply them in a series of practical assignments

NOTE: All submitted work and practical assignments will be reviewed by our team of master trainers


  • There are no requirements to complete this course
  • Suitable for all experience levels (including beginners)


Please note: Kit contents are subject to change without notice. What you receive may vary slightly from what is listed below due to stock availability

- Henna - 2x colours
- 50ml Foaming Cleanser
- Foaming Cleanser Brush
- Henna Activator
- Mini mixing bowl
- Black Makeup Bag


Expert Instructors: Our instructors are experienced beauty professionals with years of experience in brow styling and henna application.

Affordable Pricing: Our course is priced competitively, making it accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

High-Quality Training: We use the latest technology and teaching methods to ensure that you receive the highest quality training possible.

Ongoing Support: Our team is always here to answer any questions you may have and provide ongoing support as you begin your new career or upskill in brow styling.

Comprehensive Online Training: Our course is entirely online, so you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. We also have live training for half a day.

Henna Brow Kit: Each kit includes all the products and tools you need to get started, including henna powder, developer, brushes, and more.

Certificate of Completion: Once you've completed the course, you'll receive a certificate to showcase your new skills and boost your credentials as a brow artist.



  • 12+ years experience
  • Beauty education leaders
  • Trained 15,000 students + counting
  • Course content regularly updated to include the most up to date industry information and trends
  • Our remote courses allow you to train from anywhere; all you need is a laptop, ipad/tablet or phone.


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4) Work through each module
It’s best not to skip modules or exercises. Doing so may hinder your progress and understanding.

5) Keep at it until you complete it!
If you have any questions, or require assistance, reach out to our remote learning trainers. They’re here to help you complete your course with ease!

6) Receive your certificate (If applicable)
you will receive a pretty, laminated certificate in the post when you completed the course and get passed from the trainers

7) Lifetime course access
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