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POV: You’ve just finished your lash or brow training and are running your own business. Now comes the next hurdle… getting paying customers!
Locks Lash's purpose is to help grow and expand successful salons! 
We have covered a bunch of other methods you can try to get more clients in these other blogs:
Read all of them? Good! We're going to run down all the activities you MUST or at least SHOULD be doing if you want to have a thriving business!
First up! Bookmark this page so you can come back to this blog as there are lots of things you will need to go away and do.

1) 'Google My Business'

Difficulty: Fairly easy to do
Must or Should?: Must!
This is the tool that allows you to appear on Google Maps, have a rating on google and generally ‘exist' in the publics' mind. Personally, if a business doesn’t exist on Google or Google maps then it doesn’t exist in my world. I'm not alone!
It's easy! Just click the link and follow the steps, it shouldn’t take too long. Make sure you try and fill it out as much as possible with heaps of pics of your work, link to your booking system, your hours etc.
Once you have it set it up, try and get your clients to rate you on there. Having a tonne of 4 or 5 star reviews on there will add a huge amount of credibility for when someone searches for lash extensions etc.

2) Google ads

Difficulty: Maybe a bit overwhelming at the start but actually not too bad once you get into it (maybe).
Must or Should? Should. But a pretty strong should...
The Google ads platform
This is where you make the ads that are seen on every google search, on YouTube before the video plays etc. Whats great about the search ads is you can be shown at the 'time of intent’. Meaning when someone wants eyelash extensions in their area, they search for it and you appear in the first ad result! 
In contrast to this on Facebook advertising or a billboard on the street etc, you have to catch their attention and then interrupt whatever they were doing to try and sell them to your service. So they are seeing the ad when they don't necessarily have an interest in its' contents.
You are also spending money on advertising to only people searching for eyelash extensions in their area!
Here is the link to sign up 
When you have done all the steps to sign up you will need to make your first campaign. For this pick 'local store visits’ as your objective. Start off with maybe $5-10 a day (or whatever you are comfortable with and just follow the steps!

3) Other local web directories

Difficulty: Easy!
Must or Should?: Should
This one is pretty simple. Just search for 'eyelash extensions location’ (don't write location but instead put your location in there eg Collingwood or Melbourne) or 'eyelash extensions near me'. Ignore results for actual salons website. Look out for what directories come up. Usually these are free to sign up to. They might not flood your business with bookings, but having an extra 3 or 4 customers a month is worth the 5mins to sign up to it right?