#45 - DIARY OF A (new) LASH TECH

Diary of a new lash Tech...

(Taken from Lyss Bliss Beauty with permission)
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This Blog is for all the girls who have just started their first lash business and want to know what to do next to get their business booming! 💪👊

I have only been in the industry for a bit over a year now, but I am at a stage where my business is taking off... so by popular demand I'm going to share my journey of what 'to do' and 'not to do' so you yourself can BOOM your business!🤑🤑


1. Get your Business name registered (ABN)


2. Make a unique logo


3. Get on ALL social media platforms- I’m talking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, LinkedIn, Google, Yelp, White/Yellow pages, Gumtree + whatever you can think of!


4. Add yourself to all Buy Swap Sell FB groups in the area and post weekly if you're allowed too!

BIGGEST TIP: You need to act like no one knows you because they don't- There's 7.7 BILLION PEOPLE on this planet and while they're not all going to get their lashes done by you, you need to THINK BIG and set a target to minimally get everyone in your suburb to KNOW your BIZ! - Don't worry about people hating you or being annoyed by you obsessively posting, You're the one that'll get income from it while they scroll their feed watching you... Like BRING ON THE HATERS! Let them fuel your actions to smash it at building your empire! 👩🏼‍💻


5. Post once a day at least! - This is something I wish I did earlier on because as the saying goes "OUTFLOW = INFLOW" - In other words, what you put out into the universe, you will someway or another receive something back.


6. Don't spend time on needless actions- At the start definitely work out a theme for your insta page for example but don't get crazy on what you post.. Just post SOMETHING, ANYTHING! 🙋🏼‍♀️

- Check out my instagram and you'll see what I do (and did)- at the start I posted 1 pic of INSPO (Pics from Pinterest) 1 pic of my work and 1 pic of inspirational/beauty quotes. The reason I do that is because I like being motivational and people love it as much as I do so I share either a quote I've made up or one I've found and I share it to brighten up everyones day! (sounds super cheesy, but I am so.... yeah! 🤷🏼‍♀️😆

7. Make up flyers and letter box drop them! - Either you do it yourself or pay someone to do it (You could give them a free set of lashes or give it to them for cheaper for example) - This is something I wish I did earlier, Its the best form of Outflow (described earlier) I've ever done. It doesn't happen instantly but you will get clients from it, they may not have gotten a flyer but you will get more business if you put your business name out there.🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

Don't think SMALL - If you haven't got much business a few weeks after letter box dropping, well.. go and do more girlfriend! 10X (times) what you think is enough. instead of handing out 100, hand out 1000!! 💌📬

8. When you eat out or buy a coffee🍽☕️, hand them your business card or people you see around the cafe even.

If you want your business to expand, you HAVE to do the things you don't want to do to get to the TOP! 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣


9. Do things to get your name out there:

-Run your add in the local paper,

-Get Car-signage,

-Go to a shopping centre and hand out your business cards/flyers,

-Speak to people

- Connect with people, maybe a makeup artist can share what you do to their clients and vice versa #collaborate

- Run specials or Bring a friend deal


10. Get business cards and loyalty cards ( I use vista print)



NOW, as for the lashing side of things, this is what I do and it works:

1. Get a website where you can book online (I wish I did this earlier on)


2. Dont do a cancellation payment (personally I find it scares people off, If people cancel on you all the time then you have the wrong clients and you need to get better ones- Hand out flyers to the closest area around you that has expensive houses for example then you will get wealthier clients that won't screw you around as much as someone who wants to spend their money on a movie night instead of lashes so cancels last minute... You get me?)


3. Keep statistics- I keep a graph of money earned per week + per month and I also keep track of expenses per week + month


- I also keep stats on how much I promoted my business per week and how many people I got in. For example, I handed out 650 flyers last week and I got 6 new clients booked in after and you can see how your promotion parallels with your inflow of clients.📈📉📊


4. Keep a tally of where your clients came from (FB/Insta/Gumtree) - I always ask "How did you hear about me?" and I add it to my tally later.🗒🖊


5. My BIGGEST rule is to always reply as soon as I see a message from a lash client- Reason being if you leave it, they will find another lash tech and even if they don't CUSTOMER SERVICE needs to be your priority, especially in the beginning. You need to know how to communicate and you need to be an expert at it as that'll make you stand out from other lash Techs.

Trust me if I can work 60-66 hours a week without including my lash business and still reply, you can do it- Be obsessed with your business succeeding and you will see results.📲


6. Send a 24 hour confirmation text- I don't tend to say ‘just confirming you'll be coming at 5pm tomorrow?’ Instead I say ‘ See you at 5pm tomorrow xx Alyssa (Lyss Bliss Beauty) ’ which works better.


7. Change your mindset on 'cancellations' - Like, it happens to everyone and its apart of life.😉

The way to not get annoyed by it is to predict it and also have a back up if someone cancels- Maybe you needed that money and now its screwed you paying rent on time, First of all ladies I understand its frustrating and its annoying but you need to decide to get over it and use that time to get your business name out there- Cold call some old clients and interest them in a cheaper set if they come back in X amount of days or go hand out some flyers or make an social media post, just DO something, anything BUT watch Netflix or scroll your social because that won't get you a replacement client the next week to make up for the cancellation. 😍


8. While doing your clients lashes (if their eyes don't flutter) talk to them and get to know them, think about it logically, If they really like you and your personality, they will come back to you even if you didn't do an amazing job on their lashes because they like being in your space and their drawn to it without them knowing why even...

This is something I'm good at and its just because other people interest me and I like learning about others and also talking about my life with others. Use your skills to your advantage, everyone has different skills.


9. Talk about how refills work if they're a new client so they're inclined to come back to you next time as they're well informed with when and how etc.


10. Care about the result not the money, I make sure even if im booked back to back that I have enough time to do a good set and sometimes I spend more time then expected to get a good finish as your client will respect you more if you do that. Yes, your time is valuable but the Product/Finish is WAY WAY more important.🤩🥳


11. If you're at the beginning of your lash journey, you need to always say 'YES' because this has been successful for me- I’ve done lash sets starting at 6am and I've done lash sets starting at 9:45pm, I’ve done sets late nights on the weekend and throughout the week because if you want the business you need to accept it at all times (Keep in mind this is just my opinion and it may not be real to you ,but if it is real to you then do it because im telling you it works)



CLIENT: Hi Alyssa, I found you on instagram, are you free on Saturday?

ME: Hi love, awesome- I can do 12pm or 3pm, what suits you best?

(side note: Always give only 2 times because then they feel they have control and can pick a time and that way you're in control of which time you want them to come even if you're free all day)

CLIENT: Oh no, I’ll have my kids at tennis those times, can you do earlier?

ME: No worries, what time were you thinking?

(Get them to now decide what time suits them and you judge if it suits you or not)

CLIENT: Can you do 9am? No stress if you can't.

ME: I've got a client booked then but I really want to help you because I understand its hard finding time with the kids, I can do 7:30am if that helps you?🥰

CLIENT: Oh my gosh that would be amazing!!! Thankyou!

- It may mean less sleep for you but think about what you've done for that client, she would have gone somewhere else or picked another day but NOW she thinks highly of you and respects your time and will tell her friends and family about you willingly because she now feels the need to exchange due to your generosity #nailedit

- I also promote that I’m good with kids and those busy mums that can’t find time then bring their kids and yes it’s hard and more effort but again, you stand out from other lash techs and you need to get your name out there somehow. You then bring in all the mums which means clients! 👩🏼👩🏻👩🏽👩🏼‍🦰🙌


12. After I do my clients lashes I take a billion photos if they consent to it and I also get her to send a selfie 🤳🏻 If she can (9/10 they forget, so I send a follow up text a few days later)

- I also sometimes get them to leave an honest review on FB If they can as that'll help others see what your BIZ is all about #reviewsareeverything (They don't always and thats okay, you can use it as a follow up text a few weeks later and also touch base with them if they plan to get refills)


13. Over do everything because being obsessed with your business will get you to where you want to go, ain't nobody else going to expand your business BUT YOU!👇👌🤘

- I'm a very out there person and don't hold anything back, If I'm thinking something I’ll say it too #nofilter and I use that in my business which has been very successful, so find the thing that makes you unique and strengthen it/ show it because your business WILL EXPAND if you put in TIME and EFFORT and don't dwell on the loses/failures, rather use them to fuel your next step and get back up sister!

Failures will happen but if you don't get yourself back up your business will perish along with your self esteem....🤦🏼‍♀️

Don't give up girls, I know its tough, I just treat it as a game (You win and lose) , If you find yourself lacking motivation then read books from successful business owners (example: I love Grant Cardone) and make a list of your goals and refer to it daily to keep yourself pushing in the right direction (I listen to 1-2 books a week on audible while driving/ doing dishes/washing etc and that keeps me on my toes)


PS: Dont Forget to follow my journey on Insta/FB (my main social media platforms) I won't disappoint🧐🤔

(Alyssa trained with Locks Lash in January 2018, and has since seen huge success in growing her Lash business!)