Hygrometer & Thermometer (Humidity & Temperature reader)

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This is such a crucial tool for every lash tech!

Measures the humidity and temperature of the immediate area so you can adjust it to suit your glue. Glues work at a very specific humidity and temperature. Trying to get the best out of any lash glue without knowing the humidity and temperature of the room is like driving blindfolded!

Tip: Place the hygrometer as close to the client as possible for most accurate reading. 

Once you know the humidity and temp you can then increase or decrease them using the info in this blog 

*This product is intended for professional use only.

Hydrometer - this isnt the thing you want but i put it here so when you search it it still comes up! (a hydrometer is something that measure the density of a liquid)

(AAA batteries not included)

x1 AAA battery required for operation.

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