If we could all look into the future we would right? Well lucky for you, we're going to show you what yours looks like!

Plus + It's even more specific because whether you're a lash tech, brow artist or anything in between, there's a prediction for you! 


(JAN 21st - FEB 18th)
Ah, beautiful Aquarians! You are a bubbly and social lot. You are the life of the party and people naturally gravitate towards your infectious and charming energy. 
You march to the beat of your own drum and the world wouldn't want it any other way! Here's a look into your future this month...
Lash Techs:
You are going to find out some JUICY gossip from your clients this month! You are a sociable group, so make sure to be careful when getting your iced latte from the local barista - he looks suspiciously like your client's annoying ex with weird feet...
Tip! It's always super fun to have a chat with you clients, but maybe consider asking whether they would prefer a silent appointment! This way your catering towards a broad spectrum of your clients' needs!
Brow Artists:
You are going to come across some people who aren't going to want bold and statement eyebrows this month. I know, I know, it hurts our hearts. But part of being a brow artist means that sometimes you're going to have to go with the 'less is more' attitude. Don't worry  - thick and bold eyebrows will live forever in your heart.
(FEB 19th - MARCH 20th)
Hello my lovely Pisces people! You are some of the world's most imaginative and creative people out there - lucky you're in the beauty industry then huh? You're dreamy, artistic and devoted, it's like the beauty industry was MADE for you!
Lash Techs:
Make sure you're going to bed at a reasonable hour! If you're awake, you're constantly finding ways to be the creative little bee you are, and when you're sleeping you're dreams are vivid and wildly imaginative! You and coffee may have a very good relationship because of this. Make sure you're not yawning when you're lashing on a client! We can't have two people taking a lash nap during your appointment...
Brow Artists:
You can sometimes be a little bit perfectionistic - which isn't a bad thing! It just means when it comes to your work of art or your creativity, you don't settle for anything less than perfection! Which means you're creating some super fab and amazing brows! But just make sure you're also considering time as well! It's awesome that you've just made the most bangin' set of brows, but your client may not necessarily have the time for a 4hr brow appointment... 
Tip! It may be worth offering to your friends and family a discounted rate for doing their brows if it means you can practice your speed when providing your service. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality for time, it just means that you'll have extra practice at managing both your technique and time management skills more equally!
(MARCH 21st - APRIL 20th)
My fab Aries folk! You guys are pretty switched on! Nothing gets passed you and your brain is constantly analysing! You're honest, assertive and a natural born leader. You go girl! 
Lash Techs:
You guys are a restless bunch! Always moving and always thinking! As a Lash Tech, you may find the act of sitting down in one position for a few hours at a time a bit of a challenge! And every Lash Tech working in the industry for a while will know of the dreaded back pain that comes with it. Make sure you are taking the time to properly stretch and consider your wellbeing! 
Tip! We have an AWESOME and super informative blog on some of the best back stretches for lash techs who are feeling the pinch! Read it HERE!
Brow Artists: 
You may come across a client this month who thinks that applying castor oil to their brows and lashes is a complete waste of time - which you know it definitely is not. This is one of those special moments where we have to learn to not pull our own hair out and take a deep breath. Aries babes can tend to be a bit reactive and prideful at times, so in situations like this I suggest to take a nice deep breath. Think of yourself running through a field of beautifully waxed and laminated brows and go to your happy place. Remember, all situations can be managed through open and polite communication! 
(April 21st - May 20th)
Taurus! The most fiercely loyal and protective of the Zodiac! You're realistic but also unconventional - that's what makes you so unique and special!
Lash Techs:
Taurus babies have a tendency to be a little bit stubborn, so you may have a client who comes in wanting a lash style that won't necessarily look the best on them or want a specific type of look that their natural lashes can't support. When this happens, consider sitting down with the client and discussing their options with them. It's best to revert back to the fundamentals of customer service - open and polite communication. 
Brow Artist:
You're are extremely dependable and people trust you. So you may have a client come in who's introduced their eyebrows and their tweezers to one another - and they may have gotten to know each other a little bit too well (#overplucked). It takes a lot of trust for a client to have their face and appearance in someone else's hands. Consider making the space as comfortable as you can for them!
Tip! You can always include on your client consultation form an area for the customer to write their favourite type of music or scent to have during their appointment. This will make all the difference in making their service as relaxing as possible for them!
(May 21st - June 21st)
Hello my Gemini babies! You're a lively group of people! Always moving and super versatile! You're another star sign that marches to the beat of your own drum - and we love it! Don't ever stop being unapologetically you!
Lash Techs:
One of your greatest strengths is communication and you're very alert. So don't be surprised if you have a client come in this month who has not been taking very good care of their lashes. When this happens, use your knack for communication and have a chat with them on proper lash aftercare and why cleansing their lashes is important. If anyone can sway the world with their ability to talk - it's definitely a Gemini baby. 
Brow Artist:
Your ability to create stunning brows is obviously why your clients love you, but they love you for one more very important thing as well. YOU! Your personality is your sparkliest feature and it's definitely one that keeps the clients coming back! You're the type of person that's the best to have a chat and a good giggle with. Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend, a gemini Lash Tech is. It's true, it's science, it's just a fact.
(June 22nd - July 22nd)
Ah Cancers. The most emotive and loving of all of the Zodiac. You're a very empathetic group of people and are the embodiment of the pink heart emoji.
Lash Techs:
There's a reason why people say Lash Techs are also the best therapists. It's because of people like you who nurture and embrace the world in you're loving (and also very sore) arms. You're ability to listen and empathise with clients whilst they get their lashes done is a real superpower! You're what people call 'The Mum' of the Zodiac. Always caring, always listening and always ready to use your creative powers to make the world more beautiful, one volume lash set at a time!
Brow Artist:
Cancer's can also tend to be quite protective, and at times - a little hot headed. We are a fiercely loyal bunch and love those in our lives with our whole entire being! So this month you may notice one of your fav clients going to another Brow Artist in the area. When this happens, it's okay! This is a direct attack or insult against you and your business. Instead of giving into the rage and bubbling frustration building inside you - take a moment, breathe and think of the positives that may come out of the situation! You may have extra appointments available now to get to know another lash client who could absolutely dazzle your world (maybe a Scorpio or Pisces, you guys get along superrr well!)
Tip! You may actually have the opposite situation to this where you have a client that maybe isn't your favourite. In this scenario, it's hard to navigate this situation as it can feel a bit tough. If you've got a client that it would be healthier to not serve anymore, take a read of this blog which goes over how to fire a client! Read HERE!
(July 23rd - August 23rd)
Hey Leo gals! You don't need me to tell you this but you guys are the most confident and gosh dang bedazzling of all of the zodiac. You're bold, creative, playful and above all else, you're ready to take on anything!
Lash Techs:
You're confident, you're bold and you love to hype it up! The same goes for when your client wakes up from their lash nap with a brand new set of gorgeous lashes. Not only should you give yourself a massive high five for the bangin' set of lashes you just made (you go baby!), but hype up the girl who's now feeling x10 more confident - because of you! I don't know about you, but that's a pretty damn magical superpower to have.
Brow Artist:
Being a Leo and a Brow Artist is a match made in heaven. Leo's are bold and aren't afraid to take risks. This works pretty well for a client who's looking to go for some shiny new statement brows. Performing Brow Laminations were basically made for you to dazzle the world with. So go forth you lioness of confidence and change the world one Brow Lam at a time! 
Tip! Want to offer more than just Brow Laminations to your clients? If you're screaming yes at your screen right now - we gotchu! Locks Lash happens to offer other nifty little courses which are PERFECT to pair with your Brow Lamination services. We've got courses on Brow & Facial Waxing, Henna Brows, Tinting and Threading! Want to dazzle your clients even more? View our courses HERE! 
(August 24th - September 23rd)
Ah Virgos, you're the most analytical and intelligent of the Zodiac bunch. You're practical, hardworking and you're perfectionists! You guys are like the classic perfect older sibling - you're just really good at a lot of things! 
Lash Techs:
Because you're so good at *literally everything*, people come to you because they know you're going to give them a smokin' hot set of lashes. Your technique and your flair is on point! Don't be shocked if you get a large influx of clients coming in looking for the Kim Kardashian lash-style. If you had a dollar for every time that would happen this month, you wouldn't have a crazy amount of money, but it's weird that it happened that much. 
Tip! Prepare yourself now for the swarm of clients wanting to get that Kim K look and read our blog on how to give clients that sultry and smokey extension look! Read it HERE! 
Brow Artist:
Sometimes Virgos struggle to celebrate their own achievements, and you definitely should be throwing yourself a mini party whenever you do something cool! So this month, I want you to make a really good effort in hyping yourself up and celebrating all of the bomb brows that you create! This world would not be what it is without the magical powers of our brow artists, especially our Virgo Brow Artists. So stock up on your party poppers now, you're going to be using them this month baby!
(September 24th - October 23rd)
Hey my Libra Zebras! You're a chivalrous and friendly group of people, you never say no to a good chat (that's another reason why your clients love you!) You're mind is constantly racing and you're always thinking, especially about everything beauty - it's your world!
Lash Techs:
Libras are known for being a tad indecisive. So this may present a few challenges for you this month. You will encounter a moment where a client tells you to surprise them with their lashes - which is fun, however, not so much for Libras. This month, try to take a breath before you freak yourself out too much over whether to do a classic, hybrid or volume set. 
Tip! Need some guidance to prepare for your surprise lash client this month? Don't stress - we've gotchu! Read our blog on the different eye shapes and what styles suit them, HERE! 
Brow Artist:
Hey Libra Brow Artists! So you may find that your plans are forever shifting and changing, and sometimes it might be nice to have some clarity on where you (and your beauty biz) are going. So this month, it might be worth sitting down and laying out a plan on where you want to go and where you want to take yourself as a Brow Artist. Maybe you're wanting to expand your services? Consider offering more than just Brow Laminations or waxing! Maybe you want to start offering Henna Brows or Threading? Or even dip your toe into eyelash extensions! 
Tip! Want to offer a little bit more in your salon this year? We've got your back! Locks Lash has a MASSIVE range of training to suit every tech! Check out our training HERE! 
(October 24th - November 22nd)
It's our Spicy Scorpios! You're one of the most passionate of the Zodiac about what you do! You've got a deeply rooted flair and persistence in what you apply yourself to! That's why you make such a good tech!
Lash Techs:
Learning a new lash-style? Studying a new course to expand your skills? First of all, AMAZING - you go girl. Second of all, you may find yourself this month encountering some challenges and learning curves, which is totally okay! The thing that makes Scorpios so special is their persistence and resilience. Nothing can waver you from what you've got your mind set on and you're a go-getter through and through! Make sure this month that you remember how resilient and passionate you are! There will be ups, there will be downs, but there is nothing that is going to break your stride!
Brow Artist:
Scorpios are often associated with having a very tough exterior, you guys are real soldiers! But deep down, Scorpios are some of the most emotional people out of all of the Zodiac. So this month don't be surprised if you end up having some deep and meaningful with your clients, you're a big fuzzy teddy bear on the inside!
(November 23rd - December 21st)
Another spicy star sign has entered the chat! Hey my Sagittarians! If you guys can sit down for 2 seconds and take a moment to breathe from all of the big adventures you're taking, you might find some helpful insight into what's on the cards for you this month...
Lash Techs:
You're adventurous! You like to experiment and go a little wild! As a Lash Tech, use this to your advantage! You may have a client come in this month who's wanting to explore out of the box a little with her eyelashes. Well lucky for her, she's got a Sagittarius Lash Tech who LOVES to get a little funky and adventurous in how they express themselves! Spend some time doing a little bit of browsing and research this month on ways you can amp up your creativity with your sets this month. You + crazy cool lash sets = match made in heaven! 
Tip! Don't know where to start? Well look no further! Take a squiz of our blog on different lash styles and feel the inspiration enter you! Read it HERE! 
Brow Artist:
Everybody loves a Sagittarius - I know we do! Everybody especially loves a Sagittarius Brow Artist! Because of this, you may find yourself feeling inundated with clients who want to get their brows done with you this month! This isn't a bad thing - it's a very good problem to have, just maybe consider sitting down and reviewing the way you schedule and advertise your availabilities. This will help you feel more in-control of your beauty biz, and your clients will thank you for the transparency and organisation your biz provides!
Tip! Not sure of what booking system to go with? Wipe that sweat from your forehead baby! As always, we've got your back! Read our blog on our best booking system recommendations HERE!
(December 22nd - January 20th)
Capricorns - we all know one and we all love em'! You're a very hard working bunch of people and you're ambition is constantly inspiring those around you! 
Lash Techs:
Determination and ambition are some of your main characteristics! These are fantastic qualities to have as a beauty business owner! When you're not making the world more beautiful with your stunning lash sets, you're planning out ways to expand your beauty empire - and we LOVE to see it! But this month, remember to take some time to relax and focus on you, personally! Your own health and wellbeing is just as important as all of the achievements you've made, so this month, remember to take some time, go for a walk, sit yourself down in front of the tv, watch a trashy dating show and take care of the most important person in your life - you!
Brow Artist:
Capricorns can tend to sometimes hold grudges and remember A LOT. So this month, you may find that you're dealing with some last-minute cancellations and no-shows. This can be incredibly frustrating and make you want to pull your hair out (don't do this - especially your eyebrow hair). In times like these, I challenge you to take a step back and think about the ways that your policies can reflect kindness and understanding. We have to stress to not make your policies easy to be walked over, but if it's a client's first time making a last-minute cancellation because of an emergency or kids, consider approaching the situation with kindness and empathy, we're all human and sometimes things happen.
Tip! We've got a great blog on the 8 essential policies every beauty biz should have! Read it HERE!
You have now been truly enlightened by the guidance of your zodiac sign for the upcoming month. Now go forth and continue making the world beautiful x