#21 - Different Lash Styles For Your Clients

Design: To decide the look and function of something. In the case of lash extensions, one would use lash extensions to help design or create a face and to enhance or change the features on a clients face. 


Your basic purpose as a lash technician is to enhance the beauty of your clients, which is easily and instantly done through creating a more symmetrical and proportional shaped face. This illusion can be achieved through styling of lash extensions. 

The more symmetrical and proportional you can make a face, the more 'beautiful' it will be. More symmetrical faces are perceived as more attractive in both males and females, although facial symmetry plays a larger role of judgements of attractiveness concerning females faces. 

So how do you achieve the perfect set? It is through intelligently looking and observing your clients face and seeing how you make it more symmetrical and proportional. It is as simple as that. Do you need to bring their eyes closer together? Further apart? Do you need to lift their eyes? Lower their eyes? Do you need to make their face wider? Thinner? Start asking yourself those sort of questions. 


 Natural is the most versatile style and can be used on any face shape and eye shape.
Doll is really good for older clients that need their eyes 'opened'. Also great for smaller and almond eyes.
Baby is beautiful on the almond eye. 
Cat Eye is great on thin faces, smaller eyes and gives a beautiful sexy look. *It's important to make sure the outer lashes can support the length.*
Hybrid is a mixture of Classic and Volume lashes blended into a set.
Essentially it is up to the technician and client to determine how many of each (classic and volume) is placed into the set. 
Doing Hybrid Sets are also a great way to transition your classic set clients in volume set clients. It is also fantastic as a beginner volume technician to use our Locks Lash Pre Mades as well as practising making and applying your own fans.
Squirrel makes eyes look larger. This style is good for lashes that can't support length on the outer corner. It can really lift any eye that is downward turning. It's also great on people who have a lot of lid space. 
When transition into a different curl, thickness or length in a set, it is important to blend and mix the new curl, length or thickness into the old. This results in a softer more natural transition. 



Used to expose the lower layers of lashes for maximum coverage in a set. 

Foam tape, medical tape, gel pads and transpore tape can all be used to pull the natural lashes up. You can do this at the start or end of the set, it's up to you.

**Just be careful if you do do it at the end of the start that you de-tack the tape before placing it on the lashes.**