Why Salon Memberships are about to take over!

In the world of self-care and pampering, nothing beats the feeling of stepping out of a salon with fresh lashes, a dazzling manicure, or a rejuvenating facial. However, indulging in these luxuries often comes with a price tag that can add up over time. But what if there was a way to enjoy your favourite salon services while saving money in the long run? 

Enter the salon membership package, a savvy solution that not only ensures regular self-care but also offers significant savings. Let's dive into why offering a salon membership package to clients is a win-win for both parties 🫶


Salon memberships provide clients with the opportunity to budget their beauty appointments effectively. By paying a monthly or yearly fee, members gain access to a range of discounted services, ensuring they can maintain their desired look without breaking the bank. Whether it's a monthly haircut, fortnightly nails, or regular lash refills, membership packages offer predictable costs, making it easier for clients to prioritise self-care within their budget 💸

Encourages Regular Visits aka Client Retention

One of the biggest challenges salons face is retaining clients and encouraging them to visit regularly. Membership packages address this issue by incentivising clients to schedule appointments on a consistent basis. Knowing they've already paid for their services upfront, members are more likely to book appointments regularly, leading to increased foot traffic and revenue for the salon. Think of it as Girl Math 💁🏻‍♀️

Builds Stronger Client Relationships

By investing in a long-term relationship with the salon, members feel valued and appreciated, which strengthens their connection to the brand. This not only increases client retention but also generates positive word-of-mouth referrals, attracting new clients to the salon 👯‍♀️

Tailored Services and Exclusive Benefits

Salon memberships often come with additional perks and exclusive benefits that enhance the client experience. From priority booking and personalised consultations to complimentary add-on services and product discounts, membership packages can be tailored to meet the unique needs of clients, ensuring they feel pampered and valued every step of the way 💅

Predictable Revenue Stream for Salons

For salon owners, membership packages offer a reliable source of income that helps stabilise cash flow and offset seasonal fluctuations. By securing recurring revenue through memberships, salons can better plan and allocate resources, invest in staff training and development, and maintain high-quality standards of service delivery 🔥

So, how do we work out the price of this membership? If you offer a few services you could have a couple of different packages to cater to your clients. 

As an example let’s work on a Lash Salon Membership breakdown. First step, how much would 1 client spend over 12 months in a salon on Full Sets, Refills, and Products. Let’s average a lash set at $150 with full sets and refills over a 12 month period. This works out to be around $2700. To make this look attractive to your clients, you will then discount this a little. Let’s say $2200 saving your client $500 for the year. They may want to buy the package outright or pay weekly/fortnightly/monthly. This will average to around $52 a week. To me, this is how much I spend on coffees a week ☕️

As an extra little incentive offer a $2000 package for the month of January for 30 clients only, saving your clients $700 for the year. At the end of January you have just made $60k to prepare your business for the year. You will also have the other clients on these memberships paying each week/fortnightly/monthly. You would work this out for a couple of different packages for brows, lashes, facials etc. it will take you a little bit to work this out, create the packages, and work out your terms and conditions, but it is totally worth it ⭐️

In an era where self-care is increasingly prioritised, salon membership packages offer a strategic solution for both clients and salon owners alike. Salon memberships are a win-win proposition that elevates the salon experience to new heights. So why wait? Embrace the power of membership today and unlock a world of beauty and savings ✨