Starting Your Own Lash Salon - Pro's & Con's (At home or Commercial)


So much hype has been created over the past few years around the lash industry and becoming an at home salon lash technician.

> What are the realities of becoming a lash tech?
> Is becoming a lash tech actually worth it?
> Are there already too many other lash technicians out there?
> Can you actually make good money as a lash tech?
> How hard is it to actually be a lash tech?

Before you leap in to becoming a lash tech, let’s take out the hype and have an honest look at what it will be like for you as a small, at home business owner in the lash and beauty industry. I say this as I have started my own lashing business before Locks Lash, and also helped and seen 1000's of women getting their own lashing salon!

What are you potentially getting yourself into…


Compared to many other professions, it is very easy, fast and has low costs to become a lash technician

  • No prior knowledge or qualifications are needed
  • it can take as little as 2-4 weeks to learn the art of lashing
  • Open your business right after and start making money (low cost investment)

Time & Cost

    • Hairdresser: 2-4 years training time & $10,000 
    • Beautician: 6-12 months & $5,000 -$20,000
    • Makeup Artist: 3-16 months & $10,000 - $25,000
    • Lash Technician: 2-4 weeks $1,000 - $2,000

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💰Earning Potential (It’s HUGE $$$)
Source: (*these are only averages*)

  • Hair dresser: $54,000 - $58,000 per year
  • Beautician: $54,000 - $58,000 per year
  • Makeup Artist: $45,000 - $60,000 per year
  • Lash technician: $50,000 - $70,000 per year

NOTE: We know lash technicians earning WELL ABOVE that figure ($3000/week or $150,000/year by themselves) and more when they have employees. Don’t believe us? Read about  it for yourself here!

“How much money can I make as a lash tech?” Like honestly make… Let’s look a very conservative 3-day a week realistic income!

The average in 2023 for a client to get and then maintain a full set of lash extensions in Australia is approximately $230 per month*.

If you can maintain an average of delivering to 36 clients per month (9 clients per week / 3 clients per day on a 3 day week) that is an income (turnover) of;

  • $2,070 per week or;
  • $8,280 per month or;
  • $99,360 per year

That is a GOOD income. A very GOOD income. AND doing only 3 clients a day is a very easy day, and not at all a hard goal to achieve! 

Note: These figures are before any marketing, tax, supplies, training, rent etc - so with that income you will have expenses. 

💡FACT: Lash extensions are not going away 
Each year the industry grows and the demand for extensions gets larger. Currently it is estimated that the lash extension industry alone generated $1.62 billion in 2021, and has a growth rate of 6.2% p.a. It is projected to reach $2.3 billion by 2028! With such a growing industry, YES - there is room for more and more technicians.

💰PERK: Claim back many day-to-day expenses
Having your own business also means that you can claim back a lot of your day-to-day things as tax deductibles that you normally wouldn’t be able to if you didn’t have a home business. This makes your living expenses less, which is great for the current economic climate. A portion of your rent/mortgage, some travel, portion of your utilities, home decor, some beauty services you get yourself etc.

Note: Always consult with a good tax advisor to make sure you claim correctly


Things to be aware of...

Being a lash technician can be physically demanding on your eyes, wrists and back if you are not correctly positioned. You are also working around toxic chemicals, and if correct safety precautions are not taken, they can be harmful over the long term on your body. Both of these things aren't necessarily an issue if you take precautions such as stretching, taking breaks, having good ventilation. 

There are very few costs involved in setting up your home salon and it’s also a fun and creative!

You are looking at the following initial costs to set up your business at home;

  • $100 on training (including a kit)
  • $150 on additional supplies 
  • $400 on a stool, bed, lighting (you can use second hand stuff to start to keep costs low)
  • $100 on decor to make things look pretty (K-Mart is a great go-to)
  • $39 business name registration via ASIC (
  • $100 per month on business insurance
  • $200 Initial investment for marketing
  • $50 per month for a website / booking system (Starting out you can get away with no booking system until you have a reasonable client base)

In order to have a successful at home business you not only have to be an amazing technician but ALSO you have to learn and be good at the following other skills;

  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping including all your tax obligations
  • Customer service & relations
  • Time keeping
  • Learning, developing Policies for your business
  • Insurance
  • Business registration
  • Money management
  • Quality control
  • Website management / booking system management

NOTE: All of the above can be a little overwhelming when you first start out. That is why it is so important to choose a training course which ALSO goes over all of the above. None of the above is actually very complicated, you just need to learn how to do them, or you can outsource tasks. Doing the tasks yourself and learning along the way can be quite fun too! 

We also have a BUNCH of blogs on most of the subjects above and you can also join our private Technicians group and ask your question to 10,000 other techs that have done it (Click here to go to the group)

Note: In order to have a successful profitable small business, bluntly put - you won’t be successful unless you are also good at the above.

The lash industry is forever changing with new techniques - styles are constantly being developed, fashion changes and more science is discovered. If you want to be successful, you will need to stay up to date with all of the above. 

Most training institutions will update their courses (we frequently update our courses which students have lifetime access to, at no extra cost), bring out new courses and have blogs, videos and their social media to keep you informed - sometimes at a price and sometimes not at a price. (Be warned … lashes will fill your social feeds!)

There are expenses to take into consideration in running your own business, so the $150 you receive for a lash set isn’t all profit. They will include;

  • Supplies
  • Marketing (adverts on socials, flyers etc)
  • Rent, power, phone etc
  • Accountancy and bank fees
  • Costs associated with setting up your business and salon


  • You are not going to be amazing as a lash technician in 2 weeks. Becoming amazing takes the following;
  • Having the correct training
  • Completely understanding all the information and science concerning lash extensions
  • Having a good training institution/mentor you can reply on and come back to at any stage and ask questions and get help
  • Not putting yourself down
  • Practice, practice, practice …

Not going to lie - it is hard work and there is work to be done to achieve success.

🏠MI CASA, SU CASA (Spanish for my house, is your house)
Setting up a room/space in your home as a salon means you will have strangers inside your home. Some people like this, some people don’t.

There you have it! An honest look a the lash industry!

Think becoming a lash tech is for you? Check out our Complete Lash Artistry course by clicking here and start training today!


*All prices included in this blog is an estimate and approximation. It is advised that you do your own research.