A tissue for your issue: Wipe those retention issue tears away.

“Why do lash masters never seem to have retention issues?”
Their skill-set has improved over time and their foundation skill-set is always on point. Winning the battle with retention can be frustrating and can cost you customers!

However: We’re all way too quick to blame our tools, before ourselves…
It's only natural, we all have been there and done it, focusing on the products as the problem, and not the procedure.

On forums we see, ‘Looking for the best glue for retention’, ‘my client lost all her lashes within a week’, ‘my retention is not as good as it used to be’, ‘my lashes aren't lasting as well as they used to’, ‘my clients are now reacting to the glue’,’my client is losing all her lashes from only one eye’, ‘I don't like my glue anymore it's not working’, ‘why are all the lashes coming off one eye’? (You get the idea)

We are always looking for 'the one' (referring to glue). 😉

Well ladies, here's the balL-breaking news: No such adhesive that fits everyone's requirements exists; We're all in different conditions!

99% of the time we have no idea what your conditions are in your room, or how you cleanse; maybe you prefer not to wash them? it's all a mystery, and it's a stab in the dark when commenting on these forums. 

Having your lash room regulated for humidity and temperature is important. If your room conditions are not suited, with your choice of adhesive, you're going to struggle to get the optimum result.

Stop, and think about the best way you can set your room up effectively for your business, not your decor. 💁‍♀️

  • Start monitoring your room conditions
  • Make notes about clients' booking e.g, temp, humidity, cleaned well, no makeup on arrival.

When you're new to lashing or struggling with retention, taking a few notes can help you immensely when finding the issue out. 

There are many contraindications (things that would prevent you from doing a treatment) and things to take note of; it can be very overwhelming. But they're all little lessons, and most of the mistakes are caused by human error.


  • Your room is not regulated, poor conditions for your adhesive.
  • Inadequate cleaning of the lashes, cleanse with a LASH CLEANSER
  • Note, insurance won't cover you for baby shampoo, we have come a long way in the lash world, so move ahead with the industry
  • Old lash glue remaining on natural lash, can't get a clean bond
  • Bond not made correctly: a skin has formed on the bead of glue- caused by a breeze, or its very fast setting glue, your speed on that eye can compromise the bond made
  • Not changing your glue drop frequently
  • Blooming or polymerization reaction (Blooming is that white stuff that can sometimes be found when working with this type of glue)
  • Your glue is off, or not being stored correctly.

Perfect retention is in the bond made, if you want excellent bonds, create the perfect conditions. 


  • Regulate your room 
  • Thorough consultation with your client/s
  • Create to optimum conditions for your adhesive
  • Thoroughly clean and rinse your client's lashes 
  • Prep natural lashes effectively for the client's needs 
  • Change your adhesive drop out regularly, so it's fresh
  • Make bonds correctly 
  • Wrapping the lashes and encasing the bond are better, especially in volume.

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