Lash Tech Starter Kit - How to start

So, you are thinking about becoming a Lash Tech? Great, let’s help get you started.
First things first, give us a call  (03) 9376 4426 and ask as many questions as you can think of, I assure you we have all the answers. And if we don’t we will call the ✨Lash Fairies and find those answers. 
You’ve already taken the first step, you’ve reached out and asked the universe to give you a sign to get started. Here we are! We have created the best, full comprehensive Complete Lash Artistry Course that will make you a superstar Lash Tech.
Our Complete Lash Artistry Course isn't like any other Classic Lash course out there, we cover Classic Lashes, Hybrid Lashes, Pre and Pro Made Lashes and much much more, all packaged beautifully in one easy-to-access Step-by-step course. Studying our course online, there is no expiry or time limit on your training with support from the Online Training Team 7 days a week. Spend as little or as much time as you need on your study.
Online learning not your cup of tea? We have bought back our Live Training in 15 locations across Australia and New Zealand with many more locations popping up. During the live training day we will cover all theory in relation to lashes, the science behind the glue (this is where our Trainer Derik really nerds out), types of lashes, what are they made out of, the origin, how to apply, the golden rules, infills, marketing, business and so much more. Then we get some hands-on experience, we will teach you how to use your tools correctly and apply some lashes to a mannequin head. After you master this step you will have a live model arrive and get into the groove of applying lashes. To then get your qualification, you will go home and practice lashes on some willing participants (friends and family) and submit them to our training team to assess and give feedback.

Seems like a lot of information, so let's simplify it a little bit:
☝️ Sign up for a Live or Online Complete Lash Artistry Course with your chosen kit
👩‍💻 If online, receive your login details and get started
👩‍🏫 If Live Training, lock in your training day in your location📍
💝 Received your kit? Open it and explore, play get to know your instruments 
😍 Start setting up your beauty room/salon
📱Search Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Pinterest, figure out your theme and start collecting the items needed to get you started
🛍️ Massage table, stool, light/lamp and trolley - these 4 items are a great start and not too expensive.
💁‍♀️ Advertise for your models and get lashing
🪧 Advertise your business, get it out there
✅ Submit your work for feedback
🥰 You still have our support even after certification, we want to make sure you are slaying it in the Lash community and super successful.

Still feel like you need some extra help with lashing? When you attend a Live Training day with us, you receive 1 FREE refresher training day within 12 months of your attended class. It can be a lot of information to absorb and we understand everyone learns at a different pace, either you’ve been in beauty for years or this is something totally new to you. We believe in you and our training and want to see every single one of you Grow and Succeed in Lashing and Beauty.
Are you ready to get started?