Hybrid Tinting Not Staining Correctly?

It isn’t a henna and it isn’t a traditional tint either. This means that the Preparation and application process is slightly different...
Traditional tint coats the outside of the hair follicle, whereas the Hybrid Tint penetrates the whole hair follicle. This achieves longer-lasting results.
Our Hybrid Tint formulation penetrates and saturates the topmost layer of the skin, and thereby stains the skin cells (safely) for 7-10 days, and the hair follicle for up to 6-7 weeks!

To achieve these results, preparation is key!

1. Cleanse
Remove any makeup and oils from the skin with a lash/brow shampoo. Any oils left on the skin can prevent the colour from staining the skin. Avoid using a makeup remover, micellar water or waterproof makeup remover as these have oils in them.
2. Rinse
Rinse the brows with distilled water to remove the shampoo residue.
3. Prep
Use a brow scrub or mascara wand to exfoliate well. This is to get off any skin cells so the tint can stain.
4. Prime the brows
In order to get a good stain on the skin and hairs it’s important to dehydrate the area. You can do this with a saline solution or alcohol solution. Do not rinse off.

If you're stilling running into issues, try some of these troubleshooting tips!

Where are you mixing your tint?
Did you know you should be mixing your tint in a non-metallic bowl or dish? Mixing in metallic can increase the oxidation and not give you the results you desire.

Are your clients affecting their results?
Ensure your clients are not using products on their skin that may affect the results of Hybrid Tint. For example retinoids and AHA’s/BHA’s.

Are you mixing your hybrid tint and developer correctly.
The ratio is 1:1.

Another tip!
Allow the tint to slightly marry together and sit for 2-5 mins before application. 

Client aftercare is key for longer lasting results!

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