How to Charge for Infills

Written by Bubblz - your Master Trainer

💰Charging for infills, and not sure where to start?

There are a few different ways you can charge your clients for their infills; it basically boils down to your time and cost. Some lash techs charge per hour, some charge by weeks and others charge a single flat rate.

❌HOW I USED TO OPERATE: I was a ‘flat rate’ charge for infills kind of gal! I was so busy with clients, I found it difficult to track what week my clients were up to when they came back for refills, I was also the sole employee of my business. On top of that, my clients were booking themselves into my online booking system and picking the cheaper price over the price of the infill that was needed… messy! This made me run behind booking times and I sometimes had clients waiting. We don’t want that happening. 🙅‍♀️

✅HOW I NOW CHARGE: I had a look at my average times with infilling my work. Based on this, I worked out a flat rate for my Classic Infills, Hybrid Infills, Volume Infills and Mega Volume Infills. This made it easy on myself and also for my clients when booking in their infills online. For example; a full set of Classic lashes was $120 and my flat rate for a Classic Infill was $75. Mega Volume Set was $220 and my Mega Volume Infills were $160.

NOTE: I am not saying this is the way to go, with my 7 years in lashing I found this to be my best option for me and my business.

If you are new to lashing, you might find charging by the hour works best. You could offer a Mini Infill (30 minute Infill) starting at $50 and going up from there. Alternatively, you have your weekly infills pricing. Full set of Classic lashes $120, 1 week Infill $70, 2 week Infill $80, 3 week $90. Or for a full set of 8D Volume Lashes $160, 1 week Infill $100, 2 week Infill $110, 3 week Infill $120.


You want to be charging your worth and keeping in mind the extra time it takes to do an infill. For example; you start by cleansing the lash set, prep and prime. You would then pop your gel pads and tape on, now this is where some of the extra effort comes in, you now need to remove any outgrown or twisted lashes. 

Depending on how well the client looked after their lashes and followed the after care, you could have clients with strip lash glue residue (we all know how difficult this is to remove), left over makeup, or just plain old dirty lashes that have never seen a cleanser since they have left your salon ( this is when I would charge an extra fee to clean).

Working out what and how to charge is a difficult start when you are first starting out, but charge your worth. This is hard work and you are worthy of the prices you choose.

Love, Bubblz (your Master Trainer) xx