I met a beautiful and sassy lady recently at our Locks Lash 'Eat, Sleep, Lash, Repeat - LIVE' event, who went immediately into my “you’re a very smart business lady” box. 
She saw a gap in the market that other salons were not offering the long ‘American’ styled lashes and now exclusively offers this style. She formulates all her marketing around this look and has become fully booked for 3 months in advance and has had to take on new staff to accommodate the demand! 
Which got me thinking…
Are our old viewpoints holding us back in business and making us lose clients? 
While I did think she was terribly smart, my other reaction was that offering those long lashes was slightly irresponsible of her, as she is responsible for her clients lash health and safety and “LONG LASHES ARE NOT SAFE”. 
We’ve been educated for years now that length and weight matters concerning the natural lash health and safety. Which is still completely true and always will be. But our industry is changing, as new science and information becomes available, the products and technology change and improve. I realised that I personally had old information and have not been educated fully in present time on what the science ACTUALLY says. 
It may be stupid and detrimental of us as business owners to say 'no' to clients if we want to expand our business. We have to learn to not say ‘no’ to clients, but instead get educated and learn safe ways to give clients what they want.
Is it possible though, you may ask? The answer is hell yes! As always, Locks Lash has your back with the science (not opinions) so you KNOW your lash weights!
How much weight and length of a fan is ACTUALLY and scientifically *too* much?
Co-owners of Locks Lash; Jaimee and Derik got their wee nerd lash heads together and measured, weighed and researched lashes to put together a chart of the ACTUAL weights of lash extensions and what is safe and not safe to apply.
For example, did you know that;
A fan of 0.03 thickness in a 20mm length in a 20D fan (yes TWENTY lash fan) is the SAME weight as 1 x 0.20 9mm classic extension!!! 
Are 15mm, 16mm and 17mm lashes safe?
YES but depending on the customer. Plain and simple.
Are they trending right now?
YES is the answer. Plain and simple. 
Should you be offering them?
YES is the answer. Plain and simple. 
Moral to this story… don’t take my word for it, stop guessing and listening to what ‘others’ or ‘experts’ have said in the past about what is too long and thick for the natural lashes to safely hold.
If you are reading this blog, then you can download the Definitive Lash Weight Guide for free by entering this code IGETEDUCATED at the checkout (place it in your cart, go to checkout and enter this code)

Download the Definitive Lash Weight Guide HERE!


A couple of tips you can personally apply in determining if extensions are too long and thick for the natural lash to safely hold;

If your clients have any of the following then you may be using a lash length and diameter too long and heavy for their natural lashes;
  • Many extensions falling out with a natural lash attached and leaving gaps before a refill is due.
  • The extensions are twisting and going in different directions as they grow out.
  • Client retention is not great despite you doing everything right with the glue (see the Locks Lash Retention Checklist) and they report that extensions are coming out with a natural lash attached vs falling off without an extension attached. 
Locks Lash now stock 15mm, 16mm and 17mm lashes! Woop woop!!!



If your client wants long lashes but you feel their natural lashes will not safely hold them; here are a few tips you can apply to still give them length without potentially damaging their natural lashes;


  1. Take out lashes from the fans. For example change from 6D & 7D fans down to 4D & 5D fans.
  2. Drop down in diameter for volume and classics. For example change from a 0.18 to a 0.15 or a 0.07 down to a 0.05.
  3. Drop down in diameter for volume fans but add in more lashes to your fans to keep the look of volume and thickness of the set. For example a 0.07 5D fan is heavier than a 0.03 8D fan.
  4. Drop down in length for the majority of the lashes in a set, but put some longer, lighter ones in to give the illusion of length & texture. For example if you were doing a 13mm 0.15 and needed to change to 11mm 0.15 put in some 0.12 13mm into the set too. (Insert photo below) 


The Locks Lash Advance Styling Course goes over in detail all the information you NEED to know about lash weights, lengths and styling, along with tonnes of information about how you can give your clients length without compromising on their lash health and safety. 
Again if you are reading this blog and want to do the course at a massive discount, simply enter the code “IWANTTOLEARN” at checkout to receive your discount. 


American culture, love it or hate it, sculpts and leads many trends in fashion, beauty, music, business, technology, the arts and film internationally. 
Think the ‘Kim K’ lash trend of late, think Tesla, think popcorn and soda sizes, think big butts and little waists…the list goes on.
Lashes and nail trends are no exception.
What is trending right now in America in the lash world?!
Loooooong lashes!
And that trend will infiltrate into Australia and New Zealand. 
So don’t be surprised if your clients start requesting them and realise that you might be missing out on clients and business if you don’t offer them!
We want you to succeed in business, so this blog is important :-)
P.S A new course is in the mix for American Style lashes.