The Definitive Lash Weight Guide

The Definitive Lash Weight Guide

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Every Lash tech that wants to provide safe lashes NEEDS this

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What is this?

We have slaved away to make this chart which gives you every weight of every lash combination!

The natural lash can only support so much weight before it becomes dangerous..

You need to know exactly how many lash extensions you can safely apply to one natural lash before it becomes unsafe and damaging.

Previously you could only find information on the thickness and dimension (how many lashes in the fan) and the weight. With this guide we have gone much further by providing the weight of every combination of lash INCLUDING the length. As a 7mm extension will obviously be a very different weight than a 15mm extension


But what about taking into account the clients natural lash?

As you will already know our clients have a range of natural lashes, from weak thin lashes to the lucky people with beautiful strong lashes. This definitive guide takes that into account by showing what weights the clients lashes can handle based on how healthy their lash is!


We've done all the maths so you dont have to!

Customer wants 12D 15mm lashes in 0.05? Check it on the graph and see if its a healthy option based on their lashes.


How do I get this?

Simply purchase then it will be sent to your email for you to download and print off. Then you can quickly refer to it!

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