It’s rather easy for cosmetics companies to slap up a few before & after shots and make bold claims that their product will work miracles.

We’ve all heard of photoshop, and false advertising, so how would you know if the product actually works or not? 



Very easily actually … by looking to science and ingredients in products.


This blog is on the subject of brow & lash growth serums and some of the key ingredients that they need in them to actually make them work - from a scientific basis. Yea. Facts. Science is the best. We have also added some ingredients to steer clear of.

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In very simple language peptides are building blocks which make up protein in your body.

Proteins are the building blocks of your body and participate in practically every process of a cell, including your skin and hair.

Eyelashes are made up of over 90% protein.

By placing a peptide based serum on your lashes, you’re encouraging your body to build more and stronger proteins.

More and stronger proteins will stimulate hair growth from within the hair follicle and also lengthen the growth cycle.



Hence peptides play a significant role in regenerating new hair growth and are essential to have in a lash serum if you want longer, stronger and healthier lashes.

There are quite a few different peptides, so basically on an ingredients list, look out for any word that has the word ‘peptide’ in it for example “Myristoyl Pentapeptide” or “Nonapeptide-1”. 



B5 vitamin is one of the most important vitamins for humans and is THE B vitamin that encourages hair growth and health.

From a science viewpoint one thing it will do is pull in moisture from the environment, hydrating the lashes and protecting them. It also easily penetrates hair fibres which add strength.



This stuff does a million other beneficial things for the body, but concerning hair, the main benefits are it helps to strengthen it, retain moisture and improve the texture of - all things you want a lash serum to do 😉



Often listed as an ingredient ‘Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate’ (which is the ingredient derived from liquorice root extract. Mmm...liquorice 🤤



This beautiful ingredient has been used by Egyptians since 3rd Century BC and can improve hair health. It also encourages the pores of the skin to open up and reduce redness and irritation resulting in hair growth.



A jolly good ingredient to have in a lash serum. 




Is Oat Straw Extract (the dried milky tops from oats) is a source of magnesium which stimulate blood flow aiding in the hair follicle and promote growth.

It contains lots of different vitamins (B1, B2, D and E) all of which are essential in hair growth and health.

It nourishes and moisturises hair by locking in water by forming a physical barrier to water loss, preventing dryness and dehydration to the lashes.





This is an ingredient that you DON’T want in your lash serum (despite it being a very popular one in many leading brands 😬).

It can cause a variety of side effects and have been banned in some countries as an ingredient in lash serums (Canada and Sweden to name two).



Side effects can include;

  • Shrinking of the fat cells around the eyes. I know shrinking fat sounds good, but of all the places you want that, your eyes are not one of them. Think sunken eye sockets. Not a good look.
  • Irritation (red, itchy etc)
  • Drooping eye lids
  • Skin darkening
  • Eye colour discolouration
  • Not safe during pregnancy or breast feeding
  • Premature ageing of your eyes
  • And many more…. 


The participants of our testing were amazed by how much this eyelash serum worked! All of them noticed a difference after only 6 weeks and reported that they were constantly getting compliments on how much fuller and thicker their lashes and brows looked during this time. After 12 weeks (enough time for a full lash cycle) the participants reported much longer lashes too. To the point where some stopped wearing fake eyelash extensions.

Lash Extensions Safe?

Yes! Using the Yes They're Mine Long Lash Serum is a great way to naturally grow your lashes, even while wearing extensions! 


No nasty ingredients! Sensitive to your delicate eye area

A common complaint with other Eyelash Growth Serums we saw is that they can leave the skin around the eye red or discoloured. Our product was specifically formulated without the harsh ingredients that may do that, and instead we use a blend of different Peptides, natural Avena Sativa extract and other ingredients to promote rapid growth of the hair follicle.