Unicorn Tears pH Balancer
Unicorn Tears pH Balancer
Unicorn Tears pH Balancer

Unicorn Tears pH Balancer

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What are the ideal conditions for glue? You should already know about Humidity and Temperature but do you know the third critical factor?

Most don’t!
We have had the scientists (literally) trying to figure out what exactly are the perfect conditions for glue (any glue) to set properly and offer the best retention.
Well, after a lot of research we have found it!

Basically, glue needs 3 things to be correct so it can work: Humidity, Temperature, pH. I'll explain: 

Humidity - Basically is another way to say how much water is in the air. ALL lash glues are made up of an ingredient called 'Cyanoacrylate'. When Cyanoacrylate comes into contact with the water in the air (humidity) it performs a chemical reaction and makes things stick together. 

- TemperatureTemperature is basically a measure of how fast the little particles are moving around. You need the humidity and cyanoacrylate to mix together in a certain way. If it's too cold they can't mix easily because the particles aren't moving around much.

- pH - This is a measure of acidity, and in this case we mean how acidic (or not) the lash that the glue is getting attached to is. Pretty simply, if the lash is too acidic or not acidic enough the chemical reaction of the glue setting won't take place properly = worse retention. 
So, that's where Unicorn Tears come into it!!

This magical stuff will provide the PERFECT pH on the natural lash to provide the best possible conditions (along with right humidity and temperature) for the glue to adhere to! 
Use it the same way you use primer (instead of primer), after cleansing the area.
This makes the lash the PERFECT acidity so the glue is happy and works the way it should.
Minds will be blown, training manuals will be rewritten, retention will go through the roof! Get excited!!

Try it out and see how big of a difference it makes!

Use only the smallest amount on a microstick. If you use too much it can come off the microstick and into the eye, which will sting.

*You may notice that the Unicorn Tears is now a slightly blue colour instead of clear. Don't worry it is still exactly same and works the same magical way!
We have recently changed to Unicorns that have a strictly Gluten-Free, Organic diet which as we all know changes the tears of unicorns to a slight blue colour!
Use within 6months of opening. Make sure the lid is always securely fastened on after opening.

This product is intended for professional use only.

Material Safety Data Sheet




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