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Locks Lash Pro Glue

Locks Lash Pro Glue

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NEW!! Locks Lash Pro Adhesive

For the past 3 months we have yet again been on the search for an amazing glue that is perfect for both volume and classic lashes, can be used in nearly every humidity level and is fast drying with a great retention. 

We looked high and low and came across a BEAUTIFUL glue which is manufactured in Europe.

We are sooooooo pleased to introduce "Locks Lash Pro"!!

- Humidity Level 35%-80%

- Triple distilled (which is a REALLY good thing)

- Made in Europe

- Retention 4-6 weeks (depending on application)

- Dry time is 1-2 sec

- Perfect for both volume and classic lashes

- Medium thickness (viscosity)

- Low fume