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CALL NOW! (03) 9376 4426 or book below!

Complete Lash Artistry LIVE TRAINING

Attend a full-day class on the day of your choice. You will do theory in morning and practice on a live model in the afternoon.

PLUS you get access to the online course to refer back to the material for life!

Why Become a Lash technician?

✨ Be able to work for yourself at your own hours as your own boss

✨ Be able to get a job in ANY salon in Australia & NZ

Spend more time with your family with flexible hours

✨ Be part of one of the biggest and most profitable beauty services

Why Train With Locks Lash?

💯 Easy step by step lessons that are easy to follow

💯 You feel confident when you finish! That's our mission

💯 We are committed to having our students pass - We are here for you with real people!

💯 Informative content, with nothing left out, in the right order learn easily!

Course Details


Please note: Kit contents are subject to change without notice. What you receive may vary slightly from what is listed below due to stock unavailability

3x Classic Lash Tray
1x Diva bulk promade tray (1000 fans!)
1x Cream Debonder
1x Air blower
1x pack Micro sticks
1x pack Mascara Wands
1x Practice head
1x Training Practise Lashes
1x Standard Curved Tweezer
1x Standard Straight Tweezer
1x 3M Medical Tape
1x Holy Grail Sample Size 3ml
1x Foaming Cleanser 50ml
1x Foaming Cleanser Brush
1x Gel Pads 25 pack
1x Glue Dot Holder Thing 20 pack
1x Sticky Lash Fan Tile


  • Introduction & uses of different lashes
  • The science of the glue and how to correctly use it
  • All products you will need to use, when, how and their science
  • All aspects and uses of tweezers
  • Lashes, their different curls, thicknesses and lengths & when to use
  • Volume Pre-Made fans and their application
  • Setting up your lashing space
  • Correct Seating Position
  • Your lash bed and what is right for you
  • Health & Safety for you and the client
  • Consultations with clients
  • Lash growth cycle and which natural lashes to apply extensions too
  • Preparing the natural lash for application
  • Gel pad application
  • Consultations
  • Allergies and Patch testing
  • Refills
  • Removals
  • Practise of mannequin head application
  • Styling
  • Hybrid lashing
  • Aftercare
  • How to set up your home based salon
  • Legal aspects and regulations & how what you have to do
  • How to get clients
  • What marketing you should do and how
  • Tips & Tricks

after signing up for your course 

Once you book your live training day and location, arrive on the day of your training day that you booked.

You will begin the day with theory in the morning and start your practical with practice heads.

Have Your Own Model arrive for the afternoon practical. On your in-person training day, you’re required to bring your own model. This is an important part of your training day.

Hot Tip: Families and friends make great first models. Need help getting models? We’ll give you tips.

duration of course

An entire day of training will be scheduled.

  • half the day will be spent learning theory and the other half will be spent practicing and receiving help from a trainer.
  • You will use practice heads on the day and then use live models in the afternoon.
  • When the day is complete, you will then be required to submit a required number of complete sets of live models in the days to follow to show your competence. In otherwords you will be required to submit work from home after your live training day.
  • A trainer will review, assess, and mark your work.
  • You will then receive your certificate of competency.

payment plans

Train now and Pay Later Options Available.

Please click here to read more about this on our train now and pay later page.



Every student receives a Certificate of Competency in Complete Lash Artistry issued from one of the largest lash training institutions in Australia and New Zealand, upon completion of the course and practical assignments.

Your personal trainer will help you through every part, so if any problems or questions arise, you’ll be helped so you get your certificate. We don’t fail anyone, we instead help them to complete.

Locks Lash Completion of Certificate


  • 12+ years experience
  • Beauty education leaders
  • Trained 15,000 students + counting
  • Course content regularly updated to include the most up to date industry information and trends
  • Our remote courses allow you to train from anywhere; all you need is a laptop, ipad/tablet or phone.


The short answer is - no. 

Locks Lash is committed to not only getting you certified and on your way as a technician, but we want you to go out into the world with the best knowledge, technique and skill under your belt - and when you study with us, you're guaranteed to get that.

"What happens if I don't complete a module correctly!?"

It's okay!! You're human and you're learning!
We don't expect everyone to get everything perfectly on the first try! You won't fail if you don't complete a module correctly on the first go. There will be a trainer to assist you on the day of your training.


At Locks Lash, we ALWAYS have your back!

And you won't fail! 🤝



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Overview of Locks Lash Training


After completing the course, you'll receive a Certificate of Competency. Build credibility with one of most well-known certificates in the industry!

Live Master Trainers

A Live Master trainer is always available to assist you on your training day. And also after - 6 days a week, to make sure you get through and become a success.


Your course comes with a kit
Items in your kit are to assist you understand what you are learning and will be used during the practical.

Here are some of our students' success stories


"Since becoming a full-time lash artist, I get to do what I love, every single day. I get to be my own boss and have time to spend time with family. I liked the wide variety and wide range of courses that Locks Lash had to offer."


"I have turned it into a business and I get to work my own hours. I have done the Classic Course as a refresher. I couldn't recommend Locks Lash enough, they have been a massive help to me, my confidence, my business and my success."


"Taking up this course from Locks Lash, it has been an absolute game changer. This course was so easy to learn, so easy to pick up and I learnt in a short amount of time and I apply it every single day to all my lash clients."

get certified

A Certificate of Competency in Complete Lash Artistry is awarded to every student upon completion of the course and practical assignments.

You will be guided through every module by your trainer. If you have any problems or questions, you won't be left on your own, instead, you will be helped so you can get your certificate. Our goal is to help students succeed, not fail them.

Here is what out students have to say

Hannah S. Verified Buyer

I'm ALMOST certified and at first while I was trying to figure out whether i should do this (even though ive wanted to get into the beauty biz for so long) I had my doubts. Self doubts but i overcame my anxiety and just enquired anyway! I got a call from Derik who really spoke volumes to me and made me want to do it even more so i signed up and have not regretted it! The info, training videos, trainers commitment to having their students PASS has been soooo good!!!! Ive never felt alone even whilst training, the trainers presence has always been there! With a couple practicals left in my course i feel i have definitely gained so much confidence not only in myself but in the lash business I have always dreamt of having and I couldn’t thank the team at Lockslash more!! Highly recommended!!!

Rhiannon S.Verified Buyer

I wouldn't recommend any other eyelash company. I couldn't be happier with the service, the support and the endless help when I needed it. Great service, great customer service, and quick delivery times. What I love most about Locks Lash is their customer service! Locks Lash are hands down the best beauty and training company I've ever come across. I've completed several courses with them and highly recommend them to anyone getting into the industry. Their customer service presence and support are unmatched. There's always someone readily available and active on their socials which is incredibly handy! Even at just answering questions on forums or lives!!! So much endless support. 10/10 would recommend Locks Lash to anyone. You need to get onto Locks Lash as they are definitely the best in the business.

Here are your next steps...

Kit option

Get your training

Choose your training day and preferred kit option. We recommend you get a pro kit so that you have enough product to play with.

Come with your model

On the day of your training, you will be required to bring a live model with whom you'll get to do your practical on.

live master trainer

Get into it

Arrive on the day to learn each module with your live master trainer, who will monitor your progress and mentor you.

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