Why I Stopped Offering Discounts 💸

Written by Bubblz 🫧 | Former Lash & Brow business owner and now Locks Lash's Master Trainer

Are you currently offering discounts to attract new clients during your slow periods in business? Are you getting the desired results in offering these discounts? Discounts can devalue your services making the clients believe that those services are only worth those discounted rates and not the full price 😱

Sometimes discounts can attract the wrong type of clients, just those who are after cheaper prices and will most likely not return as a client when the discount has ended. You want to focus on the quality of your clientele, not the quantity. I remember when I first started my home business and used to offer a different discount almost every month and was wondering why some clients were not returning and when they did it was because the next discount offered was cheaper than the original one they came in for 😰

Some of the discounts I offered were; ‘It’s my birthday! Get 25% off the whole month’, ‘Christmas time is near! Book now for 30% Off’. During those discounted periods I was busy then when they ended I dropped in business. It was like a never ending roller coaster 🎢

So I took a step back to take a look at what may have been happening and how to fix it. It was the discounts, the amount of discounts and how often they were offered. So I then started to look at what other ways I can attract new clients without devaluing my services and business 🤔

'Refer A Friend' was one of my personal favourites. This was the only time a discount was offered, because I was getting a full priced client in return. If they referred 1 friend to me they received 10% off, 2 clients 20% off all the way up to 10 clients you get a free set. This initiative bought me 10 new clients and it only cost me 1 full service. And then you would continue this on 🥰

Other ways you can bring in clients without offering discounts is packaging together your services, this is also quite appealing to clients without devaluing your services 🥳

Ideally you want to be focusing on your client retention and rebookings to keep your business in a healthy flow. So work on your business strategies to keep your clients coming back and maintaining their business. These clients are the ones your want to focus on as you have already gained their trust and this will have them spreading great news about your services which will attract new clients 🥰

In the beauty industry it is all about creating those experiences for your clients. So instead of offering excessive discounts, why not invest in the overall experience and make it more enjoyable, personalized and luxurious. Your clients will thank you 💖