Why Becoming A Trainer Was My 'Next' Best Move


Your gorgeous Trainer Bubblz shares with you, her story of becoming a Beauty Trainer. Enjoy and we hope this inspires you to take the next step in your career and become a certified Beauty Trainer.

Hey Friends

A bit about me…
For those who do not know me I am Tahlia aka Bubblz. I have been training for Locks Lash since February 2020. I am mainly known for my training here in Central/North Queensland, as well as a few Rural towns in New South Wales. Pretty much Locks Lash calls and I am on my way.

How it all started…
I have been in the Beauty Industry since 2012, when I started my career as an Apprentice Hairdresser; this is where I found my passion for beauty and progressing my way through more and more beauty training.

It was in 2016 that I started dipping into lashing and had reached out to Locks Lash to see what my best options were. This was just the start; I drove six hours to attend my training with the man himself Derik Hayes. Somehow I convinced my best friend to allow me near her eyes with some sharp tweezers and no experience. Derik made me feel super comfortable and competent in what I was doing. Although I felt like I did terribly, my little sister convinced me to give it another go, and this is where everything took off. 

Starting my business...
I am Thankful that my Mother in Law is a saint and flew from New Zealand to help me with my one year old daughter, when I first started my business. My small home business started growing fast. This is when I started adding in more services to widen my clientele. Slowly making my way through all the Locks Lash courses and making a lifestyle out of running a home business.

My Husband then got a promotion which meant a relocation for us as a family and my home salon. As a result, I had to rebuild the once booming business I had before. During this relocation, Locks Lash was running a competition for their customers to win a free trip to their annual Christmas Party. Somehow, I won and attended. I got along with the team so well, it was truly an experience. 

Becoming a trainer…
Shortly after, I saw that Locks Lash were in need of a Trainer in Mackay QLD. This was the sign that I was waiting for. This was the next step for my Beauty Journey. I did not hesitate and sent through my work to the team and applied. Next thing you know I received a call to come back to Melbourne for my Trainer Training. I was a little nervous! I know how to do what I do, but showing other's how to do a skill they know nothing about felt heavy on my shoulders. 

Derik (Boss #2) and Jaimee (Training Boss)  were great at helping me to extinguish those fears. Now I am lucky enough to travel all over Australia teaching what I love, and helping all of my students be the absolute best of the best. I have met so many beautiful people throughout my journey, watching them all bloom into amazing Lash and Beauty Artists. This is what I find the most rewarding in my position. Here at Locks Lash we live and breathe our motto; 'To help create and expand successful salons'.

Are you thinking about becoming a trainer?
We have just released a pretty epic online Beauty Trainer course. It has been developed the absolute best trainers in the industry; Jessica Brown, Derik Hayes and Jaimee Trio.

This course will equip you with the right tools and knowledge to become an elite, certified beauty trainer. For all info on the Beauty Trainer Course, CLICK HERE.

If you are having any doubt about taking the step of becoming a beauty trainer, feel free to reach out to us here at Locks Lash. We would love to help you take those next steps and create your own beautiful army of Lash and Beauty Artists.

Lots of Love,
From your Trainer - Bubblz xo