Which Training Style Is Right For you?!

Which Training Style Is Right For you?!

Choosing the right training style is a total game-changer, especially in the beauty biz. Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade those killer skills, knowing your options can make all the difference. 

At Locks Lash, we offer three different types of training options, to best cater to your schedule and learning style. These include: Online training, group in-person training and 1-on-1 in-person training. 

Really want to get training but unsure which type of learning format to pick? We’re going to help you make the best decision!


Perfect for those who:

  • Have a busy schedule
  • Enjoy learning at their own pace
  • Self motivated

Our online training courses offer:

Flexibility & Freedom, Baby!
Online training is where it's at if you’re all about freedom and flexibility. Got a crazy schedule? No worries! You get 24/7 course access meaning that you can log on and learn at times that suit you. Our courses are designed to It’s perfect for those who need to fit learning around a busy schedule. Whether you're hustling with a full-time job, chasing after kids, or just living that wild life, online training fits into your groove - allowing you to learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

Diverse Learning Materials
The beauty of our online courses is that you get access to comprehensive learning materials which are delivered in different formats including videos featuring trainers, written theory, quizzes and assessments. This variety can cater to different learning styles, making it easier to grasp more complex concepts.

Access To An Online Personal Trainer
Our online courses unlock access to you being able to work with our online Master Trainer. When you need help, our Master Trainer is there to help guide you through your course and is the one who will personally grade your work!

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Perfect for those who:

  • Learn better in-person
  • Are social and enjoy being around others
  • Prefer a structured learning day

Structured Learning Environment
Our in-person training days provide solid structure, keeping you on track with a set schedule. You get hands-on practice and immediate corrections, which is gold when you’re perfecting those beauty skills.

Social Butterflies Unite!
If you’re a social butterfly, group in-person training is your stage. It’s all about vibing with your peers and getting instant feedback from your instructor. You can swap stories, share tips, and build a network that’s as fierce as you are.

> Check out our in-person training courses, here!


Perfect for those who:

  • Want the ultimate VIP experience
  • Prefer learning in an intimate setting
  • Need a little extra love and attention

All Eyes On You
Our 1-on-1 training is the ultimate VIP experience. It’s all about YOU, baby! Your personal instructor tailors everything to YOUR needs, helping you shine in your unique way. Your literally have a personal beauty coach that’s dedicated to YOUR success.

Instant Feedback
Your instructor’s right there to guide you and help you nail those techniques You can ask all of the questions that pop up in your mind and you’ll get the answers. Additionally, you’ll be sure that everything you are doing correct to the T - and if you’re having any issues what-so-ever, we’ll fix it right there, on the spot. It’s perfect for mastering those intricate beauty skills where precision is queen.

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So queen 👸, which learner are you? 
Now that you’re feeling confident and ready to get started with your beauty education journey, pick your course, learning style and let’s get you started!