What order should I do my brow services in?

Brow Lamination, Brow Wax and Hybrid Tint

You have a client who is booked in for a Brow Lamination, Brow Wax and Hybrid Tint, but you are not sure what order to do the services in and why they should be done in a certain sequence 🤔

💚 The first step you want to do is a brow lamination, a brow lamination is a chemical service so if it was done as a last step it may cause some irritation and discomfort on your client. If you were to perform a wax before and of the steps, this can open up the pores or if a hair was pulled from its follicle and cause some bleeding then having a chemical product placed over top could possibly cause an infection as well as some discomfort like burning the skin.A Brow Lamination opens up the hair cuticle and redesigns the keratin bond in the hair cortex to create and form the new shape and direction.

💙 After you have finished your brow lamination you would follow with your Hybrid Brow Tint, taking caution as the cuticle is already open and will absorb the colour pigment a little quicker than without a brow lamination.

🤎 You would now finish off your brows with the hair removal process either it be a wax or thread. This will clean up those brows beautifully without upsetting the skin.

Now you can slay your brow services safely 🥰