The most highly pigmented, long lasting brow tint is now available at Locks Lash!
The Hybrid Brow Tint!



What is Hybrid Brow Tint?

Comes in an easy to work with crème or paste formula, which is the most highly pigmented tint available for dying brows on the market, resulting in amazing long-lasting effects for brows - even more than traditional tint and henna!

It isn’t a henna and it isn’t a traditional tint either, but instead a brand new product (there is henna extract in it). It's about to revolutionise the damn beauty game! 🙌

It is applied like a traditional brow tint, however with better and longer lasting results than henna. 

It is also Ammonia Free so your clients are guaranteed a gentle, but effective treatment.


How Long Does It Last For?

This is the great bit!

Traditional tint coats the outside of the hair follicle, whereas the Hybrid Tint penetrates the whole hair follicle, resulting in longer lasting brow results.

Traditional tint stains the skin for 2-4 days and hair follicle for 2-3 weeks. 

Hybrid Brow Tint formulation is such that it penetrates and saturates the topmost layer of the skin, and thereby stains the skin cells (safely) for 7-10 days and the hair follicle for 6-7 WEEKS!



Is It Good For The Hair?

The Hybrid tint has Henna extract in it. It is not added for colouring effect in the tint but instead the Henna extract is added because it contains beautiful things which help stimulate hair follicle growth. It also has proteins, antioxidants and vitamin E, which repair hair damage.

So not only will you get fantastic looking brows using Hybrid tint but you will also get nourished and soft brows. We think this is a great additional selling point for clients with sparse brows. 

Application Times?

The main convenience around the Locks Lash Hybrid Brow Tint is the application time and how easy it is to use!

Because it is a paste, it is terribly easy to control your quantities for application.  

Henna has to stay on the brows for 20-30mins, however with Hybrid Tint the developing time is about 10mins (can be left on for longer for a darker, fuller look or halved if after a brow lamination). 

This cuts your service time down dramatically - so you can earn more money in less time! 💸


Do I Still Use An Activator?

Yes, just like when you do traditional tinting and henna tinting, you need to mix an activator in to make the Hybrid Tint develop. It is recommended that you only use the Locks Lash Tint Developer (Hydrogen Peroxide) with the Locks Lash Hybrid Brow Tint. 

Get our Hybrid Tint Activator HERE!


How Much Should I Charge Clients?

Many salons in Australia are incorporating a Hybrid Tint with a brow shape and calling it a ‘Designer Brow Package’ and charging anywhere from $55-$85 for this service!

It is recommended that you google other salons in your area to see how much they are charging and then base your prices around the average of those prices (Plus a little more because you're so worth it). 



How Much Money Can I Make?

Each brow set do you using the Locks Lash Hybrid Brow Tint will only cost you approximately $0.70 CENTS per client! 😱

So if you are charging $85 for this service (with a brow shape) you will be making over $80 profit for only 20mins of your time. That’s a jolly good income!


Shelf Life?

It last forever! (Sort of).

Up to 2.5 years unopened and 1 year opened. 


Can I Use It With A Brow Lam?

Yes absolutely you can and we recommend you do this!

However, because you are using chemicals to do the Brow Lam - which should be done BEFORE the Hybrid Tint - and the developing time will need to be halved. There are other tips and tricks to get the colour to really take after a brow lam, but main one is do the brow lam 1st, Hybrid or Henna tint 2nd.

Want to get our Brow Lamination Kit (it's pretty damn snazzy), get it HERE!

Want the Hybrid Tint that's shaking up the beauty industry?