#25 - Which Eyelash Glue Is Best For You?

After being in the industry for so long, surveying people, observing sales and talking to Lash Technicians from around the world, the conclusion is:

Everyone has different tastes, and an eyelash glue that one person loves won’t mean that everyone else will love it. 

This is because of personal taste, their individual humidity level, environmental factors, technical ability, etc. 

In saying that, there's no harm in having a guide or an option for you to get started whilst you find "the one" and we have faith that you will.


HOLY GRAIL | Eyelash Glue

  • Perfect for Classic and Volume, and Pre-made Fans.
  • Suits a medium to experienced technician and works well in most environments and humidity levels.
  • Made in Korea. 


Holy Grail - Eyelash Glue



Holy Nude | Eyelash Glue

  • Sister glue of Holy Grail.
  • Typically when a client gets an allergic reaction to glue, they are reacting (usually but not always) to the black pigment in glue, the cyanoacrylate (all lash glues are made from it as their base chemical) or latex.
  • Made from Cyanoacrylate, but has no black pigment (is clear) and very little latex.
  • This is why it is a sensitive eyelash glue. However - unlike many other sensitive glues on the market, Flawless has a high retention rate, is beautiful to work with in many different environments & humidity levels and is strong bonding. So really the best of all worlds!

      Holy Nude - Eyelash Glue



      MAXIMUS MEDIUM ADHESIVE (purple lid)

      • Our original glue, which we have sold thousands of bottles of over the past 7-10 years.
      • It is our slowest drying glue designed especially for beginners.
      • Because it is slow drying, it will work in almost all humidity levels and environments and ideally will only be used for Classic lashing. 
      Maximus Medium Adhesive - Eyelash Glue


      • Our second oldest eyelash glue, which was released around 5 years ago.
      • A good, trustworthy glue that has a great retention rate.
      • Better for medium to experienced technicians doing Classic lashes.
      • Not quite fast enough for Volume lashing.
      • Made in Korea especially for Locks Lash.


      PRO GLUE

      • European high quality awesomeness compliant with European standards (which are among the highest in the world).
      • Has a thicker viscosity (thickness) and is medium to fast drying.
      • Triple distilled (when something is distilled it basically removes impurities - stuff you don’t want in it - so there is a higher concentrate of cyanoacrylate in the glue - which is a goooooood thing).
      • Beautiful to work with on Classic, Volume, and Pre-mades.
      • Is a nice black dark colour (which again is a good thing) and is best for all levels of experience as a technician.


      Locks Lash Pro Glue




      • Our newest baby of the Locks Lash fam! 
      • Great for Volume- individual or pre mades 
      • Ideal for Advanced Volume techs who've been in the game for a while that want something on a 'nek level'.
      • High durability & flexibility (will not do the splits though) which basically increases the retention of Volume sets.




      And would you believe it, we have MORE great eyelash glues on our website (Sky Glue & Lady Black) which you can check out! Contact us today at LocksLash, for all your beauty needs in one place.



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