What are hybrid toners and how does this change the game?

What are hybrid toners and how does this change the game?

So you’ve seen we’ve released some Hybrid Tint Toners and you are probably thinking ‘What the heck are these, and why do I need them?’ 🤷‍♀️

Great question, toners are here to change the way you formulate your colours and customise them to your client complementing their skin tone. So we have two toners Graphite and Chestnut, the Graphite is a cool toner that will help neutralise those brassy golden tones in the hairs. Whereas the Chestnut Toner is warm, so you can use this to warm up a colour and enhance the golden tones. Another bonus with these two added toners is that they can also be used by themselves without having to mix with another hybrid tint colour 🤎🖤

Have you ever gone into a Hairdressing Salon and hear the stylist mumbling about warm/cool tones and all these random numbers, this is the stylist creating your own personalised formula for your hair type. And this is what we want to teach you with eyebrows 💁‍♀️

‘But how do I do this?’

So we have done most of the work for you and have created an easy to follow tint chart with different colour combinations and ratios. Although the ratios are endless we have done the base work which you can expand on and create your own unique formulas 🧪

You will be able to find these in the Hybrid Brow Tint Course 🤩

In the Hybrid Tint Course you will also learn how to identify warm and cool tones, application and much more. You wont just become a brow technician, you will become a ✨ Brow Expert

Hybrid Brow Tint + Toner: Before + Afters