Meni is our Volume and Mega Volume trainer here at Locks Lash as well as a lash EXTRAORDINAIRE! Having done thousands of sets herself, and teaching hundreds of girls every year, we asked her a few questions with some straight forward answers that may help you in your business and training journey.


From training in the industry for so long, what's the biggest habit you see lash technicians do which they shouldn't?

Dipping the lash extension in the glue before isolation.


What's the biggest thing you find students need to put importance on when getting trained? 

Practice and practice and again, PRACTICE! Don't spend time getting disappointed. Find out what you could improve on and practice more. 


What lashes should technicians work with when just beginning Volume lash extensions for the first time?

I would say 0.07 in thickness as they are a little bit thicker than other volume lashes so they are easier to make a fan with.


Why is it so important to cleanse lashes before application? 

In my personal opinion, I would say 80% or more of retention issues is due to applying them on uncleaned lashes (with make up still on, oily skin, etc). Good retention depends on cleaning as we need a clean base (of natural lashes) to be able to stick the lash extension onto.

Locks Lash have great products you can retail to your clients and use yourself, so there's no excuse!



What's your 'go-to' glue? 

My personal favourite is Locks Lash Holy Grail Adhesive.

- Buy the right glue which works best in your area (always check the glue information before purchasing).

- Fix humidity and room temperature one hour before you start your set to get the best out of glue.


What's one thing you wish every lash technician knew at the start?

Nothing is easy and everything needs practice (practice makes it easy). 


What's your one business tip for lash technicians?

Every time you as a lash technician do a set of lashes, do them as if they are your own. So in essence,  DON’T DAMAGE NATURAL LASHES. This can be prevented by using the right thickness, correct isolation and amount of glue.

Here's an example made by a Locks Lash customer @llashdollhaus.

If you care about the client and their safety, it will pay off in so many ways. 



To train with our Meni in either Volume or Mega Volume, check out our next Melbourne classes HERE and become an incredible Locks Lash Technician TODAY!


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