This Past Student Is Earning $270 Per Hour With Body Contouring

Our recent Body Contouring course graduates, Emma caught our attention when she started posting epic body contouring client before and afters (see below), which displayed very visible results after just one treatment.

Emma is charging clients $270 per hour for body contouring treatments and they’re so happy with the results, they’re rebooking (and she’s getting more and more new clients too)!

Emma shares with you her experience with the Locks Lash Body Contouring course, results she's producing for her clients and the income she’s generating!

  1. Emma! Firstly tell us about you…

    Me! I have my very own brow and lash studio, located in Collaroy on Sydney's Northern Beaches. I’ve been in the beauty industry for years and I have a lot of experience in all areas of beauty, however my expertise is within lash and brow services. I absolutely love the beauty industry and life I’ve created for myself.

    Away from this, I am a mum of two beautiful boys and a fur baby. I am  also a business mentor. I love to help people achieve their business goals.

  2. What made you decide to get into Body Contouring?
    I had heard a little bit about Body Contouring, and seen places at my local shopping center that were offering this service, however I was a little skeptical of their results.

    When I saw the first Locks Lash post on Instagram about the upcoming Body Contouring course, I was interested to see what it was all about, and what results could be achieved. I knew that it would potentially be an absolute game changer for my existing business.

  3. Why did you decide to learn with Locks Lash?
    I have taken a few courses through Locks Lash and I have always completed the course feeling confident that I have the skills and knowledge to successfully add the new service to my treatment list.

  4. How did you find your learning experience with Locks Lash?
    The course was extremely easy to navigate and I felt that every area of Body Contouring was covered in great detail, with all the relevant information needed to successfully provide this service to my clients.

  5. How would you describe the online learning experience?
    My experience with this style of online learning was very positive. I loved the fact that I could work at my own pace, was assigned work to complete at different stages throughout the course, and received feedback from my trainer consistently (who was tracking my progress during the entire course). This kept me accountable for my learning and ensured I was on track to complete the course successfully.

  6. What would you say to others who were thinking about learning Body Contouring?
    Do it! This has honestly been an instrumental pivot to the future success of my business. I really feel that being in the beauty industry has limitless potential, and offering a new service such as Body Contouring into your business is a valuable addition. 

  7. How much are you making per hour?
    I actually can't believe the profit that is generated from this service. I’m currently charging approx $270 per hr for each treatment. (a little less, if clients opt to purchase a package of 3 treatments at once)

    Once the course and machine is paid for, the only ongoing costs per treatment for me are, ultrasound gel (which I buy in bulk from a medical supplier) dental bibs, rubber gloves and baby wipes to clean excess ultrasound gel after treatment.

    I have worked out that supplies per treatment average under $5, so for a 1hr treatment you can see how much you can make per hour.

  8. How soon after you completed your course, did you get clients booking in?
    I actually had clients wanting to book, before I had completed the course or even received my machine. I told my existing clients about the new service and posted on my social media accounts that the service would be available soon -  and if they were interested to let me know so that they could be notified as soon as the treatment was available.

    I had so much interest from existing and new clients that as soon as I had completed the course I was able to start taking clients.

  9. What kind of results are you and your clients seeing using our machine?
    The results are insane, just look at my Instagram. I honestly was not expecting results to be seen so quickly and so noticeable!

    The below images are directly from Emma's Instagram account:

  10. Now that you’re in operation, how important is the technique learnt? An what do you think differs about the technique you learned, compared to what others may have learned? (Many clients from other body contouring therapists say that they don’t see results)

    Locks Lash really have done their homework, and have obviously researched this treatment in depth for a considerable amount of time, to provide us with not only expertise knowledge, but also a technique and machine that delivers results.

  11. What have  been the reactions of your clients after seeing their results?
    Every client has been extremely happy with the results. I've even had girls cry, telling me how hard they have tried over the years with certain problem areas with no results. Seeing how much of a difference this treatment can make to a person and to see how happy this makes people, is truly what it's all about. It's the ultimate confidence booster!

  12. If you were to focus on Body Contouring full time, how much could you earn per year?
    If I was to just focus on Body Contouring and treated on average 4 clients a day, 5 days a week (because, being honest here I enjoy a good work/life balance - so you could obviously work more if you wanted each week, and I also accounted for 4 weeks holiday per year),  this would give me an income of approx $260,000 per annum.

  13. Anything else you’d like to add?
    I honestly encourage anyone wanting to add a profitable addition to their existing beauty business, or even someone starting out in the industry, to take this course and include it within their business. Not only for profitability and future development, but also for the reward you get, making people not only look good but also feel good.


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