As the fog rolled in and the bats came out, the local lash techs made sure their glue wasn’t left out. So be warned and utterly scared that this story is of the Full Moon bear.    



The Full Moon bear was somewhat of a wild fairytale for most techs in Hanna’s area. It seemed as though that for every full moon there was, something would always happen. 2 years ago, Hanna’s salon had magically lost all of its glue overnight with no trace but a single stand of rainbow hair left on the floors of her salon. Last year, every single lash went missing from her trays with no clue except for a large, smudged and muddy footprint covered in glitter. Ever since then, Hanna has been bewildered and confused as to not only how something like this could happen, but why? The evidence and the crime just didn't make sense.


This year, Hanna had enough. 


Hanna was determined to catch the person, or thing, behind all of her precious lash supplies going missing. No one was going to ruin another mega volume set for her, or her favourite client Becky, again. 


So off to work Hanna went, cutting eyeholes in her lash bed cover and stuffing it to the brim with snacks. It was going to be a long night and she couldn’t afford to take any chances with something like a rumbling stomach spoiling her plan. After all, she was undercover and a woman of professionalism. There was nothing that was going to stop her.


As the clock ticked on, the moon grew larger and larger as it started to peer through the beautiful neon-lit windows of her funky lash salon. The time had struck 2:58am and Hanna could begin to feel her volume-lashed eyelids begin to flutter and slowly shut. Out of nowhere, a magical fog began to flow underneath the gap of her salon door, shedding rainbow light and glitter in its path. As the clock hit 3am, Hanna awoke to the scent of strawberries, vanilla cupcakes and watermelon and the gentle pitter-patter of two little furry feet with holographic painted nails scurrying across the floor. Hanna had found the culprit, this was her moment and she wasn’t going to waste it. 

'GOTCHA!' Hanna said with her fingers pointed at the culprit like a gun. She can admit to herself that this probably wasn't the most threatening approach.

The bear flinched in shock, its mouth agape in surprise at the sudden outburst from the severely underprepared lash tech. The bear slowly raised its paws into the air, full of mud and speckled glitter whilst its nails wrapped around two bags of gel pads and glue rings. 

'After so many years of dissapointed clients the morning after the full moon, I finally have you.' Hanna sharply spat. 'Tell me everything.'

The bear lowered its paws, dropping her goodies in defeat. 

'You've got me. I never thought they'd catch me, but here we are. I'm Felicia, the Full Moon Bear.' Felicia sighed.

Hanna raised her eyebrow in shock. There was a furry (and very stylish) bear standing in front of her, actually talking.

'I come from a parallel bear universe. Every time your universe has a full moon, a magical portal opens and allows us to come into your world.'

'Why are you targeting me? I'm just a lash tech?' Hanna questioned.

'In my world, lash techs don't exist. The first time I went through the portal I crawled past your store and fell in love with lashing. So much so that I wanted to do it for myself and all of my furry friends. But unfortunately, lash supplies aren't easy to come by when lashing doesn't exist in your universe. So I had to do what I had to do - use my powers to become a lash tech and take what I needed.' Felicia confessed.

'Wait, are you telling me there is no such thing as lashing in your world?' Hanna exclaimed.

'No, nothing. I am the first to bring it to our world. I consider myself somewhat of an entrepreneur bear. It's my dream to make all of the bears of my world feel beautiful and empowered. I'm sorry that it came at the cost of not making your clients feel the same.' Felicia sighed in guilt

Hanna felt a tear roll down her face. She was so moved by the bear's story that she could no longer feel any anger or animosity towards her.

'This is not right. There should not be a single person in this universe, and yours, who can't access lash extensions - and we're going to change that. Hanna stated in confidence.

From that day on, Hanna would purchase double the lash supplies she needed from Locks Lash and leave a massive basket of glues, gel pads, lash trays and everything in between for her furry bear friends. She even recommended them an  AMAZING online course to learn how to be a PRO lash tech (you can study this course HERE too!). In return, her new pals would give her the power of spontaneously summoning glitter. Hanna's salon was not only notable for her amazing lashing skills, but her ability to shower her clients with glitter in a superhuman way!

From that day forward, the Full Moon Bear and Hanna had solidified their relationship as the best (and only) multi-universal lash tech duo.

That is the story of the Full Moon Bear. 

The end.