The Aus beauty salon industry is valued at approx. AUD 6 billion.

A little white lie has been going around that the beauty salon industry is dying. We wanted you to know that this rumour is false! In-fact, it's far from the truth!

We thought we’d share some thought provoking stats about the beauty salon industry with you, so that:

  1. You’re educated on the truth, backed by research
  2. Next time someone tells you the beauty industry or lash industry is dying, you can go back to them with the straight-up facts!


Two KEY facts about the beauty salon industry:

  • The overall eyelash extension industry in Australia is part of the broader global market, which was valued at approximately USD 1.1 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 2 billion by 2032
  • As of now, the Australian beauty salon industry is valued at approximately AUD 6 billion. While experts can’t predict its future value, they anticipate it will continue to grow steadily. This growth is driven by increased consumer spending on personal grooming and a rising preference for premium beauty services and products​ (IBISWorld)​.

Now, let’s talk the real talk and tell FIVE great reasons why it’s still a good idea to get your career started in the beauty salon industry as a lash technician, or similar:

  1. Increasing Popularity: The beauty industry, particularly services like lash extensions, continues to see growing popularity. Consumers seek out these treatments for their convenience and aesthetic appeal​ (Dataintelo)​​ (Business Research Insights)​.

  2. Repeat Business: Like your hair, lash extensions require regular maintenance, leading to repeat clients. This means that you’ll have ongoing steady income!

  3. Recession Resilience: Beauty services can be somewhat recession-proof. Many consumers prioritise small luxury expenses like beauty treatments even during economic downturns. Why? Feeling good and looking good is of high importance. It’s the little things that we can’t give up.​ (IBISWorld)​.

  4. Low Startup Costs: Starting your very own lash business doesn’t cost a heck of a lot to start. Your initial investment can be kept pretty low - PERK!
  1. Flexible Work Options: Ahhh, one of the best bits? YOU choose the days you work, the times you work. YOU choose your clients, YOU set your rates. It’s your business - you get to call the shots, baby!


If you've been sitting on the fence about entering the beauty industry as a lash artist, or growing your existing business in the beauty industry, we hope we've provided you with some reassurance and clarity!

If you’re ready to jump into a super fun, super creative, super feminine and rewarding career, the beauty industry is it, baby!


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