Waxing & Threading - Where did it come from?

The Origins of Waxing & Threading

As a lash & brow tech, it's nice to be able to perform a killer treatment for your clients, but it's even better if you can pass on some fun/interesting knowledge about the service you're performing. Not only does it give you a-grade tech status, it gives them some cool facts to walk away with, to share at their next dinner date with friends!

P.S Their friends may even ask where they learnt that fact & guess what their answer will be? You guessed it... you, their beauty tech! Maybe you're A+ knowledge will score you an extra client or two, bingoooo! 🎉

Anyway, we're here to provide you with a mini history session on the origins of waxing & threading. Happy reading and knowledge sharing with your clients. x


 Even though waxing is a modern trend, it dates back to Ancient Egypt, when body hair was considered ‘improper’. It was seen that men and women with beards and other body hair were ‘uncivilised’.In the 1960s, waxing strips were introduced. By this stage, waxing was widely used and no longer just for the upper class. 

Today, there are plenty of businesses who dedicate themselves to the art of waxing, and there is consist demand for the service.

Waxing doubles up as an exfoliating treatment! This is because warm wax removes dead skin cells on the skin’s surface in one swift motion. That’s a 2-for-the-price-of-1 treatment, y’all!

P.S Brow & facial waxing is a great addition to your treatment menu. It's highly profitable and quick to perform. 
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Threading is one of the earliest forms of eyebrow shaping. It originates from India and Central Asia. It’s not limited to eyebrows either! It’s been used in the Eastern world for MANY centuries. According to legend, it has existed for over 6,000 years.
Threading involves very simple (and very low cost) materials: 2 pieces of cotton string - literally, that's it! By twisting the string (like the video below), the hair is pulled out right at the root. Sometimes with waxing and plucking, the hair can snap off. With threading, the hair is completely removed each and every single time - meaning longer-lasting results (perfect for clients with naturally thicker and fuller brows).
With this specific technique of hair removal, it is very easy to get that super-defined and crisp brow shape that everyone desires. While it make look hard, we guarantee once you get the hang of it, you'd wish you'd learned how to thread, sooner!
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In ancient Persia, when women had their eyebrows threaded, it was considered a rite of passage into adulthood. Having their eyebrows threaded meant that they were ready to be married. Interesting, huh?

So...Waxing or Threading?

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Based on the above, both have their places in this world... and on your treatment menu.
Waxing requires more tools and equipment - wax, wax pots, application sticks etc. Threading only requires... you guessed it, thread. This makes threading a super-low cost and highly profitable treatment.
Waxing is a great all-round hair-removal option. Threading is a great option for anyone who's looking for those super-defined brows first go around. It's also a more desirable option for those with naturally thicker and fuller brows. 
Why have one on your treatment menu, when you can have both? Dah!


Love, your Locks Lash fam x