#120 - The Ancient Art of Waxing and Threading - Where Did Each Begin?!


Let's begin in Ancient Egypt


Even though waxing is a modern trend, it dates back to Ancient Egypt, when body hair was considered ‘improper’, and men and women with beards and other body hair were ‘uncivilised’. 
When the 1960s came around, waxing strips were introduced, and by this stage, waxing was widely used and no longer just for the upper class. 
Today, there are plenty of businesses who dedicate themselves to the art of waxing, and there is consist demand for the service.
... that waxing doubles up as an exfoliating treatment! This is because the warm wax removes all of the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface in one swift motion. That’s a 2-for-the-price-of-1 treatment, y’all!

Now let's move to India and Central Asia and the Origin of THREADING!

Threading is actually one of the earliest forms of eyebrow shaping. It’s not limited to eyebrows either! It’s been used in the Eastern world for MANY centuries, it’s said that it’s been around for possibly as long as 6000 years. and it’s a technique that allows people to have a really precise finish when it comes to shaping eyebrows especially.

The technique; 

Threading involves very simple (and low cost) materials. 2 pieces of cotton string! By twisting the string (like the photo below), the hair is pulled out right at the root. With this specific technique of hair removal, it’s really easy to define shape and really be precise. It’s a true art form!


...that historically, in Persia, when women had their eyebrows threaded, it was basically a rite of passage into adulthood. Having their eyebrows threaded meant that they were ready to be married. Interesting, huh?

The Two Techniques - What's the Difference?

Well, it may seem to go without saying, but it's worth mentioning that the main difference is waxing involves... wax, whereas threading involves... thread. With waxing, the wax hardens and attaches to the hair follicle, and once the wax is removed (ripped off your skin so help me god), the hair will go with it.


When it comes to threading, the hair becomes trapped between the two pieces of cotton and once it's twisted, the hair will be completely removed - it's a really fascinating technique. 


There are benefits of both techniques, and it basically comes down to personal choice based on the technique you prefer. Both are effective and widely used, and this is why threading and waxing services are a fantastic addition to any salon/beauty service! 

Stay tuned for the next blog when we delve into the specific benefits of each service! 

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