#28 - Online Booking System: Our Recommendations

Following up from our earlier Blog, 'How To Successfully Handle 'No Shows' & Cancellations', here are some recommendations on online bookings systems: 

**Please note, we have not done full research on all the below. They are just systems that different customers and technicians of Locks Lash have mentioned that they use and are happy with. Your best bet is to research them and then find which one will suit your business best.**

From our research, most systems will offer …

  • Appointment schedules

  • Ability for clients to book online

  • Text and email reminders and confirmations (which you can set for time and content).

  • An integrated system to keep record of client history, frequency of booking, client notes etc.

  • Average price is between $20-$70 per month. They usually charge based on how many staff you have. 

  • Sale record for your accounting. 

1. Timely - made especially for salons, has a great confirmation email / text system and an easy to use back end system. Another good feature is they are constantly updating and improving their system, so it has only gotten better: 
(Costs from $20 to $300 per month)

2. Shedul - just for salons and spas. Apparently it is for free! (But I have not read all the terms and conditions):

3. Simple Salon - Just for salons and spas. One great feature is they have continual online support.  Also has a great tool to help you with marketing and promoting your services.

(Cost $19-$99 per month. There pricing has the advantage that at $99 per month is is charged at unlimited quantity of staff which not all the other systems have. So this would allow for massive expansion if that was your plan!)

4. Acuity - not designed exclusively for salons and spas. However has some cool features and is widely used among salons and home based business in Australia and New Zealand. Has a great app you can download onto your phone which is very easy to manage your clients and schedules from. 

(Costs $0 to $50 per month.)