Cindy is our online Lash Lift trainer. No, she isn't an animated internet robot. She's a real life rock star. And by that, we mean she's the beauty, brains and brilliance behind the Lash Lift & Henna Online. This is the gal who marks and certifies all the online sets that get sent through to her, helps with any issues at all and is constantly updating things online to fit in with modern life as it keeps growing. 

From years of in house training to online, Cindy is one amazing, experienced Technician/Trainer when it comes to Lash Lift & Henna. 

Below, we've asked her a couple of common questions most technicians (who want to start in Lash Lift) are wondering. 


How is Henna/ Lash Lift a good way to bring in more income when adding it to a beauty business?


 Lash Lifts are a great service because they can be done in 45 minutes so make for a speedy lash service. Also perfect for people who have naturally long lashes and low maintenance seekers who want to be able to treat their lashes like they usually would and come in for a new lift every 6-8 weeks.

 Adding Henna to your treatment menu means you can have a package with a lash lift, lash tint and Henna brow tint all in the same hour which can totally transform the clients face in a short time. You can do the clients brows at the same time as the lash lift which is great for a package treatment.



How long does the practicing take (for either Henna or Lash Lift) to then start charging clients?


This really depends on each individual and how long it takes them to be confident however I usually find after 5 clients most technicians feel they have experienced some different lashes and brows and feel confident charging. 


What are the benefits to doing something Henna or Lash Lift online as oppose to in house?


With online you have access to the materials so can refer to them as many times as you need. Also being able to work at your own pace and review selected chapters if you feel you need to can be really beneficial. I also find understanding something happens in layers. You learn something and then go and put it into practical use, run into something new, then go back and relearn that part, put it into practical use etc.. And this is how you become professional at something. With our in house and online courses, we have a great support line so the trainer is always there no matter what and can help also. 

EMAIL: trainingsupport@lockslash.com.au TO GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR TRAINING SUPPORT TEAM


What's the biggest thing you find students need to put importance on when getting trained? 


I think the biggest thing is to really work on mastering each step of the procedure. With lash lifting for example, mastering getting the lashes glued up onto the rods, if you do this correctly it makes a huge difference to the lash lift end result. Basically granting importance to every step and then working on speeding up. 


From training in the industry for so long, what's the biggest habit you see lash lift technicians do which they shouldn't?


Being too hard on themselves. I see many technicians do their first ever lash lift and criticise themselves on it. The first time you do anything it's not going to be perfect. So I think the main thing is to relax and not be so hard on yourself and try to learn something new every time. 


What's one thing you wish every lash lift technician knew at the start?


That not every lash lift is going to look like a before and after you saw on a promotional piece or on someones business page. And to not be hard on yourself if a client with short and space lashes doesn't look like they just had a volume set applied after their lash lift. Keep in mind what lashes you are working with, envision what you want to achieve with that particular client and then be proud of what you have produced at the end. 


What's your one business tip for lash lift technicians?


Package things up. Set a higher price for services individually and then create packages with a discount. I think Lash Lifting (which includes lash tinting) and Henna Brows is a great package. Promote everything the client will receive in the package like if you are going to tint the lashes as part of the lift, don't assume people know that. "Lash Lift + Lash Tint + Henna Brow Tint with brow scrub & Lash Keratin Treatment" sounds way better than "Lash Lift & Henna brows". So make known all the awesome things you can provide. 

People want what you are selling so just let them know your selling it!