How to get longer lasting lash lifts

If you can deliver exactly what the client wants, that almost guarantees you their loyalty & their word of mouth. Helping you to sustain and expand your business.

So, what does the client want? A quick, cheap service? well... maybe, but what do they really want?


So, let's dive into how you can get the most beautiful lash lifts that also last as long as possible!

1. Lash Lift products (all brands) have a limited shelf life (see packaging on individual brands) and will gradually lose their effectiveness resulting in the curve/lift becoming unstable.

Locks Lash now offer new packaging on our lash lifting solutions, which increases the shelf life. This is a revolutionary pump design which (if kept in correct conditions) will extend the shelf life of the product to 6-12 months once opened.


Traditional sachets last only around 24 hours once opened, meaning if you don't use up all the product in that time, you will risk using expired product or it will have to be thrown out, producing waste.

2. Cleanse fully after your lash lift. Ensure you are removing any and all product left on the lashes. By doing this you can actually see the end result of your lash lift & be confident that you processed long enough & that the lash lift has come out how you planned.

Cleanse lashes

3. Make sure you are processing the lashes the right amount of time for that clients lashes.


4. Using too much glue can greatly affect the results of your lash lift & the longevity. This is because you are creating a layer of product (glue) on the lashes that the lash lift product has to first battle its way through before it even gets to work on the actual lashes. Only use what's needed, nothing more!


5. Shields - Your shields can play a big part in your lash lift longevity. Make sure you have the perfect sized shield (have plenty of options on hand), use good wrapping technique, and make sure your shield placement is correct. If any one of those things are out, it could result in a poor lift & bad lift retention.

 Lash Lfit Shields