There is a vast difference between an awesome job and a rushed not so awesome job. 

This blog has some tips on how to do an awesome job but more efficiently. 

The main thing we want you to have in mind is that seconds count. You know that saying, save your pennies (cents) and the pounds (dollars) will save themselves. 

The same applies in lash extensions…save your seconds and the minutes will save themselves. 


Set Up & Preparation 

So much time can be wasted by looking for things … like where is that tray, where are my spear tweezers etc etc. 

A disorderly space is not an efficient space. 

Spend the two mins after each client tiding up. While I fan clients at the end of the set, with the other hand I start to put things away ready for the next client. I always make sure that the space is clean and tidy before I start on the next client. 

Set your space up in a way that it is easy to access and you know where everything is. Because you are seated, you don’t want to be getting out of your chair mid a client to go and get something. 

Before the client arrives, check your client notes (you should be keeping client notes), to see what curl, length etc they like and get those trays out. 

We have all dropped tweezers and ruined them - have a spear set on hand. 

Get the gel pads, primer, shampoo, tissues, tape cut already, glue plate out ready, shake your glue etc all before the client arrives. 

A clean, tidy, organised space not only makes your life easier, your times faster but it also portrays a high level of professionalism to your clients. 



Incorrect seating (too low too high) not only can make a set inconsistent visually but it also makes your life harder as a technician. It can give you back and neck pain and you reach over further to get things (slows you down).

In an ideal world you want the clients head to almost be tucked up into your chest. This allows a beautiful birds-eye view looking down onto the natural lashes. Not only will this be more comfortable and less strain on your back and neck, but will also allow perfect & easy positioning of the extension on the natural lash.







If you can't see things, you can’t work efficiently. Not sure what else to say about that really for it is rather self explanatory. 



Setting a Timer  

We’ve all been there with that client … just one more there … oh and just one more there … oh there is another beautiful natural lash, I’ll just put another there … and before you know it 30 mins has gone on ‘just doing a couple more’. 

The current industry standard is a full set should take between 1hr 15min to 1hr 45min. 

Setting a timer is a perfect way to get your times up. It gives you a game when you are doing a set, it gives you a time to know where you should be up to by a certain time. 

Instead of a set taking as long ass it takes, set your timer for how long you want it to take and then go hard. Keep an eye on the time throughout the set so you can see if you need to quicken or slow down. 

Please note … we are not at all encouraging you to rush a set. We want perfection in the set and the focus should always be on quality not quantity. 


Set Up of Your Tools 

The positioning of your lash tray and glue is so key to being efficient and not loosing time in a set. 

If you are having to reach over just that little too much a it takes you a couple of seconds extra to take the extension off the tray and dip it into the glue…add up all those extra seconds over a full set and just by changing this one thing you could save yourself 5-15mins per set. 

There isn’t one way that suits everyone and you may have to personally play around a little with this point. Maybe you prefer to use a glue ring, maybe you like taking lashes directly off a tray … all these things are entirely up to you and there is no wrong or right way. 

But where you are placing your tools is important. Make sure they are nice and close to you. Make sure you have very easy access to them. Make sure you don’t have to reach too far. 


How You Do Your Set 

If you are doing one extension on one eye and then changing to the next eye and doing one extension there, you could be loosing a lot of time. 

It would be recommended to do at least 3-4 extensions on one eye and then moving to the other eye. 

We don’t recommend doing one full eye and then moving onto the next eye for the following reasons;

  • Increased chances of getting stickies (lashes stuck together) from (when isolating) pushing lashes onto not fully dry glue
  • Potential to create uneven eyes

While you are finishing off one extension and holding your tweezers in place to allow the extension & glue to position itself, you can always start your isolation on your next lash. 



If your glue is not drying fast enough for you then it slows down your work dramatically. If its not drying fast enough, then you may have to go back and unstick lashes. 

Make sure you have a glue that suits you perfectly. We have a billion blogs on glue, how to manipulate it, change it, change your environment etc etc. Have a look here …




Last tip is on having long chats with your clients (either you talking or your client talking). While it is great to form a relationship with your client - having a good old chat during a set is a HUGE factor in slowing down your time. 

Clients talking = faces moving = hard to put lashes on = wasted time. 

You talking = focus not being on lashes = not being in the zone = wasted time. 


Form your relationships with your clients at the start (during consultation) and at the end of the set. 

Play nice music and see if you can get your clients to sleep.

If they are just natural born chatters, then chuck a complementary lip mask on them.