Ahh balance. There’s the Ying and the Yang in everything in life. Your work and study are no different.


The thought of managing your study around your already hectic work schedule may sound absolutely bonkers and nightmare-ish - but don’t fret! We’re going to show you the BEST ways to balance how you work and study!



    1. Boundaries baby!

So, you’ve decided to study whilst you’re working. Go you! You’re making a courageous step that a lot of people are too scared to make! You’re already making strides!


But to continue making strides in your pursuit to study, it’s important to set up some clear, distinguishable and fair boundaries early on in establishing your routine and habits.


It’s worth sitting down and planning out before you start your study to determine what areas of your life you can and cannot compromise your time on. For example, you may work a 9-5 but have to spend the morning dropping the kids off at school from 8:00 til 8:30. Mornings can be absolutely manic with having to get ready and getting everyone organised. If you’re already feeling the morning push in getting yourself and everyone from A to B, it’s worth considering whether being a morning study-person would be the best decision to make? You may thrive off of getting up early and putting in the extra study minutes, but you may also decide “No. I’m honest enough with myself to know that I will not have the energy to sustain this habit”.


And that is TOTALLY okay!


What you do need to do is measure the areas of your life where there is real, tangible and sustainable room for flexibility. 


This could be an hour a night after the kids have gone to bed, or a couple of hours on the weekend you dedicate to smashing through your study. Whatever suits you, make sure that the boundaries you’re setting for yourself are not going to end up compromising the other parts of your life which are as equally as important for you.


It can be a tricky gig, but there’s nothing that communication, honest reflection and commitment cannot fix!


2. Treat yourself like a human


You may have witnessed this new wave of ‘fit-spo’ or ‘study-inspo’ hit our socials in the past couple of years. This content mainly consists of people showing off their healthy, productive and well-put together lifestyles that many of us are so wishing we could do. #iamnotwakingupat4amtogotothegym


It’s really easy to get super consumed into how perfect and polished these people’s lives are. Well newsflash, most of it is pretty much crap, very manufactured and yep, often #BS. And look, I’m sure they are very committed people who are really passionate about their fitness or study, but I can guarantee you that what you see for 15 seconds on your TikTok FYP is not a true scope into the reality of their lives. Like you, they are human and are probably experiencing some of the same things that you are! 


With all of this said, the main point to take away from all of this is that it’s important to seperate our own lifestyles from the perspective of how someone else’s is constructed to look online. Take 5 minutes away from the phone if you start to compare yourself to someone else’s routine or lifestyle to view what you have around you. Spend these 5 minutes thinking about the things, people and moments that you cherish dearly and how they all add value to your life. Because believe it or not, your life is pretty special and you’re doing damn amazing.


Give yourself some extra lovin’. You deserve it.



3. Know what works for you


This is similar to the first tip, but this one is more about curating a space that is designed to maximise your productivity. Have a look around you and decide what factors do and don’t embrace your study habits. 


You may be a studier who loves to move around and thrives off of change. Awesome!

You may be someone who needs a quiet corner, gentle music, candles and no kids for 2 hours a day. Sweet as!

Or you could be someone who could study with a hurricane whirring in the background and not batter an eye.


Whatever type of studier you are, it’s important to identify it early on to establish these habits early into your journey to maximise the effectiveness of your routines!


Have the conversations with those around you about how they can also help support your studying journey. Have a chat with your husband and ask if he can watch the kids for 2 hours whilst you quietly study. Or you could even ask your work if you could stay back an hour after work to use your workspace to get in some extra study hours. Plus beat that rush hour traffic! 💨


It’s all about communication and sometimes these things take a village! Remember, it’s okay to ask for help.




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